Celigo’s CloudExtend brand continues to add free features to our Apps. First it was our new CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite integration and now it’s our CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite and Salesforce integrations.

We’ve added a free reporting engine to both of our Excel Apps that allows you to stream your NetSuite saved searches (or Salesforce reports) directly into Excel thus allowing any pivot tables, charts, etc., to update when you re-run your search. Say goodbye to the old process of running a saved search in NetSuite (or report in Salesforce), exporting it to Excel, and then copying and pasting it into another workbook. Watch the video below to see it in action and continue reading below to learn more.




What’s with ‘Phase 1’?

This is just the first phase of this reporting engine. With phase 2 we plan to support summary saved searches. Phase 3 will add support for NetSuite reports as well as a scheduling engine.

Why is this really free?

Here’s the real deal, no BS answer. By adding a free reporting engine to Excel for all NetSuite and Salesforce users our goal is to convert a portion of those users to paid subscriptions that allow them to do more with their data than build pivot tables and charts. Our Excel Apps really shine when used to create or update existing NetSuite or Salesforce data from Excel allowing for much more versatility than a CSV upload tool. Meanwhile, by offering a free App, we hope that NetSuite and Salesforce users will learn more about Celigo and our CloudExtend brand.
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