The Connected Spreadsheet: Integrating Excel and NetSuite

Justine Account Executive
Justine Burdo

Account Executive
CloudExtend Brand

blog author chris corcoran
Chris Corcoran

General Manager
CloudExtend Brand

Celigo’s CloudExtend Excel solution allows organizations to turn static workbooks and the manual tasks associated with them into connected spreadsheets that automate business processes and provide users with more visibility, better collaboration capability, and significant time savings. Templates are stored in the cloud allowing flexibility to work from anywhere and updates to multiple NetSuite records can be completed much faster directly from Excel.

Watch this webinar featuring customer Stefaun Avakian from Imperfect Foods and Justine Burdo and Chris Corcoran from the Celigo CloudExtend team. They will share how CloudExtend Excel can save time/resources, increase productivity and enhance efficiency within your organization.

Topics include:

  • Gaining the ability to put an end to having to navigate between NetSuite and Excel
  • Examples of how Imperfect Foods has saved time and resources with CloudExtend Excel
  • Learning how to perform tasks such as creating/updating NetSuite journal entries, item records, sales/work orders and inventory much faster and more efficiently
  • Overview of CloudExtend Excel
  • CloudExtend Product Roadmap
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