Manage Your NetSuite Data Securely and Seamlessly in Excel in Real Time


A Powerful Excel-based Data Management Tool for NetSuite

CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite (formerly SmartClient) installs from the Microsoft Office store in seconds. End users can access and edit their NetSuite data directly from within Excel. Take full advantage of Excel’s data manipulation functions to retrieve, update, add and delete NetSuite data from multiple record types. even custom records. Need more from the traditional CSV import/export tool for NetSuite? Try Celigo CloudExtend.

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Manage Your NetSuite Data Without Leaving Excel

  • Mass update NetSuite data from Excel.
  • All customizations and templates are stored in the cloud.
  • Users inherit permissions from their NetSuite role, enforcing existing security settings.
  • Bypass the NetSuite UI for faster data entry and updates.
  • Provides real-time lookups and error resolution for fields during data entry.
  • Use CloudExtend data filters or NetSuite saved searches to retrieve your NetSuite data.
  • Runs on Office 365 or Excel desktop on Windows/Mac as a Microsoft add-in.
  • Apply Excel’s powerful native functionality to manipulate NetSuite data.

What CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite Does for You

CloudExtend allows you to update multiple NetSuite records in seconds.

Work from anywhere. Sign in to CloudExtend and all of your customizations and templates are immediately available.

NetSuite admins can rest easy knowing that roles and permissions are enforced by CloudExtend.

Know that your data is valid in advance. End the vicious cycle of waiting for CSV uploads to run, hoping for the best.

Put an end to having to navigate between Excel and NetSuite to see a list of valid values.

Eliminate the hassle of exporting search results to CSV files. Do it all in Excel with the CloudExtend Excel data filter or leverage your own NetSuite saved searches.

Let users choose the computer and OS they want

Use your existing spreadsheets with complex models and formulas to update data into NetSuite

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What Users Say

CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite is a great product, I encourage everyone to have it available for at least some of their users.



What would normally take up to 5 hours can now be done in as little as 10 minutes. CloudExtend Excel saved $70K to $100K in alternative solutions.



jonathan adler

Use Cases by Role

Sales & Marketing

  • Update item records ?Easily use formulas to populate Search Keywords, Custom URLs, Meta Tag HTML, URL Components, Sales Descriptions, and more.
  • Create and adjust estimates/quotes ?Creating and editing complex quotes using multiple Excel worksheets is common. With CloudExtend Excel, users can accurately create, copy, or update quotes in just a fraction of the time it takes now.
  • Add new leads in bulk after a trade show ?Leads are often captured with scanners, business cards, or handwritten notes. Sometimes marketing receives a spreadsheet of attendees. Regardless of where the leads start, they generally end up in Excel. With CloudExtend Excel, they can be accurately uploaded to NetSuite in seconds.
  • Add missing data to contact and customer records ?Account executives need to keep their leads and customer records up to date. They can quickly perform activities such as updating job titles, phone numbers, LinkedIn profiles, and more by incorporating CloudExtend Excel into their workflow.
  • Populate opportunities with multiple inventory items to quote with less error. ?Creating or editing NetSuite records with multiple detail lines (10 or more items) is significantly faster with CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite.
  • Create new promo codes and update existing promo codes ?Marketing teams can quickly create or update coupon and promotion codes.
  • Creating or updating sales orders, invoices, quotes, opportunities, etc. ?Multi-line transactions are a breeze with CloudExtend Excel. Whether you are working on one large multi-line order or creating/updating hundreds of orders at a time, CloudExtend Excel will save you time.


  • Bin cleanup ?Quickly transfer items between bins, consolidate bins, or eliminate bins. With CloudExtend Excel Enterprise Edition it’s easy to manage them all.
  • Create and update items ?Easily make changes on the fly. Create new items in seconds and ensure that the all the right G/L accounts, sales description fields, etc., are correct.
  • Update pricing. ?Quickly update pricing for thousands of SKUs across different price levels.
  • Work orders ?Create or update work orders.
  • Inventory transfers. ?Transferring inventory between locations is quick and easy with CloudExtend Enterprise Edition. You could use Excel formulas to identify locations with excess stock and build a transfer order or inventory transfer to reallocate the items to other locations.
  • Inventory adjustments ?Store or warehouse staff can use CloudExtend Excel to perform a physical inventory and enter the actual quantity into Excel. A formula-driven template can then be used to make the appropriate inventory adjustment based on the difference between the actual and expected quantities.


  • Journal entries ?Finance teams often work with large journal entries, sometimes even hundreds of lines. Creating or updating journal entries with CloudExtend Excel saves a massive amount of time compared to using the NetSuite UI or CSV upload process. Customers with NetSuite OneWorld can even make complex journal entries to multiple subsidiaries at the same time.
  • Add monthly invoices to netsuite via a pre-filled template ?Create or edit invoices in bulk without having to key them in manually in NetSuite. Examples include companies using time based billing or selling quantities that may vary from month to month. Simply use CloudExtend to populate the quantity field for each invoice and create hundreds of invoices or more at one time.
  • Upload vendor bills ?Finance teams may receive vendor bills that need to be tracked to customers or employees. These might include health insurance bills, cell phone bills, or bills from SaaS based companies. Typically, this would require hundreds of lines per bill (1 per employee / customer). Celigo customers use CloudExtend to automate this process and save hours of time per bill entered.
  • Import expense reports details ?Expense reports can quickly be consolidated in Excel and uploaded to NetSuite via CloudExtend Excel.

NetSuite Admins & Consultants

  • Initial data loads ?NetSuite Consultants love CloudExtend Excel because of the real-time feedback. Using CloudExtend Excel they can upload massive amounts of data during an implementation. Errors with the data are displayed during the import and can be addressed one line at a time versus using a CSV upload process that requires an export of error data from NetSuite, along with a secondary import.
  • Scrub data ?CloudExtend Excel makes it easy for admins to filter on records with missing data so that the appropriate fields can be updated. CloudExtend Excel can also use Excel’s native dedupe features to assist in identifying duplicate records en masse.
  • Mass deletes ?CloudExtend Excel allows a NetSuite admin to delete unwanted records. All NetSuite permissions and processes are respected. If there are related records, the delete action is not allowed; if permissions are not adequate, the delete action is not allowed.

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Average labor savings of 69% based on 2015 customer survey

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Free Edition

  • Import NetSuite data into Excel using NetSuite Saved Searches
  • Works with Mac and Windows
  • Compatible with Excel 2016 and Higher
  • Access to all documentation

Personal Edition

  • Create, Read, Update, Delete NetSuite Records from Excel
  • Support for NetSuite Saved Searches and Celigo Import Filter
  • Cloud Storage for Templates
  • Email,Chat and Phone Support

Enterprise Edition


  • Admin Portal for Enterprise License Management
  • Works with Sandbox Accounts
  • Works with OneWorld Subsidiaries
  • Compatible with Excel 2013 and Higher When Used with Desktop Installer

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