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CloudExtend Excel for Salesforce installs from the Microsoft Office store in seconds and enables users to manage their Salesforce data in Excel. With 1-click users can create new records, update records, or download records (using our data filter or your SOQL). Whether you’re an Admin managing Pricebooks or an Account Exec managing Opportunities, CloudExtend will open your eyes to working outside of the constraints of the Salesforce UI and enable you to get more done, faster.

CloudExtend Excel for Salesforce can pay for itself with just one use.

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What Users Say

CloudExtend Excel for Salesforce is a must-have tool for any Salesforce user. Processes that used to take hours now only takes minutes to complete—saving me around 10 hours a week.



Celigo is great if you love Salesforce and Excel. It’s a power integration tool that allows you to make easy changes in bulk right inside Excel without navigating between programs. Customer Service is off the radar! As of now, there are a lot of advancements still to come but so far it has easily been a tool I can incorporate into my daily routine.



What CloudExtend Excel for Salesforce Does for You

Work faster and leverage the power of Excel for your Salesforce reporting and data management.

Eliminate the hassle of having to switch between apps.

Cut your Salesforce and Excel data sync from hours a week to a click of a button.

Use your pre-built Salesforce reports in Excel.

Increase Salesforce adoption and efficiency within your organization.

Save time and eliminate errors.

Manage Your Salesforce Data Without Leaving Excel

  • Retrieve data using wizard driven interference (or your own SoQL), modify it, and update Salesforce with changes
  • Isolate errors easily through color codes and resolve problem records quickly.
  • Execute reports and download data.
  • Insert, modify, upsert or delete data with a single click.
  • Perform mass updates.
  • Validate picklist data before syncing.
  • Join related records and view custom fields and picklists.
  • Build your own queries and download the intuitive wizard interface.
  • Create and update multiple Salesforce Objects.
    (such as Accounts/Contacts) simultaneously

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CloudExtend Excel for Salesforce Overview

CloudExtend Excel for Salesforce Installation

Building Templates to Map Salesforce to Excel

Case Study


Equian saves over 40+ hours a month using CloudExtend Excel for Salesforce

  • Hours Saved
  • Point-and-Click
  • Make Changes
    in Excel


Brandon Beck, Salesforce Administrator at Equian, was spending hours every week manually consolidating data from twenty-five different Salesforce reports that were imported into multiple Excel files. Beck’s team also spent significant time updating Opportunities, Leads, Contacts, and Accounts in Salesforce.


“When I found Celigo’s CloudExtend Excel for Salesforce, it was the exact tool that I was looking for to pull data into Excel and push data back into Salesforce,” remarked Beck.

For his weekly sales report, Beck now leverages CloudExtend’s template capabilities. Instead of consolidating multiple Salesforce reports into a single worksheet, he can automatically populate his Excel template with data from multiple Salesforce objects—taking just minutes to create the report.

Data cleansing and record updates have also become a breeze. With Salesforce picklist objects available directly within Excel, Beck can just point-and-click to perform mass updates directly within Excel. Once he is done, he just clicks “Update” and changes are sent to Salesforce. If errors occur, Beck can easily correct the errors in Excel and in just one click re-upload the data into Salesforce—without leaving Excel.

Turn Complex Mass Updates Into 3 Easy Steps


Free Edition

  • Import Salesforce data into Excel using Salesforce Reports
  • Works with Mac and Windows
  • Compatible with Excel 2016 and Higher
  • Access to all documentation

Personal Edition
All Free Features Plus:

  • Create, Read, Update, Delete Salesforce Records from Excel
  • Support for Celigo Import Filter or write your SOQL to import data into Excel
  • Cloud Storage for Templates
  • Email,Chat and Phone Support
  • Training on Demand

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