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On-Demand Webinar

Better Business Resilience: Implementing Smart Apps During Uncertain Times

The IT team is at the center of business efficiency, but often manual processes and the volume of requests can cause a negative impact on productivity and monitoring profitability.

With so many priorities that cannot be compromised, IT teams need a solution to help their business users do away with copying and pasting emails and file attachments from Microsoft Outlook or Google Workspace into NetSuite, in addition to empowering users to create their own reports and do away with CSV uploads. Ultimately, they save time and increase productivity across the organization, resulting in happier users and tangible ROI.

Watch the on-demand webinar, Better Business Resilience: Implementing Smart Apps During Uncertain Times, where we will share how CloudExtend has helped other NetSuite customers:

  • InSource Solutions saved 200 hours per user per year and eliminated a lot of manual work with CloudExtend.
  • Botanical Science used CloudExtend to make better informed decisions with real-time data, and have company-wide visibility into customer communications that increased productivity by 30%.
  • CloudExtend Outlook for Netsuite users required minimal set-up time and little to no training for Business IT Source, Inc. They were up and running in less than an hour and it cut the time that they would be spending manually attaching files to and updating NetSuite records in half, giving employees an additional 20 hours a week to work on other projects.


Chris Corcoran

General Manager, CloudExtend

Justine Burdo

Head of Sales & Customer Success, CloudExtend

Kevin Ha

Solutions Consultant, CloudExtend