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Live Webinar

CloudExtend Outlook Enhancements

CloudExtend Outlook is gaining some exciting new enhancements at the end of this month—and this is your chance to get a first look at what’s new.

Last month, we introduced you to Calendar Autopilot, which syncs Outlook meetings automatically to NetSuite. Now that calendar sync is bi-directional from NetSuite back to Outlook, too! Add in support for shared and delegate mailboxes, as well as an expanded admin ability to toggle Thread and Email Autopilot on and off on a per-user basis, and this latest release is chock full of things you’ll want to learn how to use!

Make plans to attend this session where we’ll show you how to navigate all of CloudExtend Outlook’s newest features, including:

  • Automatic bi-directional event syncing between NetSuite and Outlook
  • Enabling and disabling Autopilot for individual users or the org as a whole
  • How to attach emails from shared and delegate mailboxes