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Success Story

Danby Appliances

Danby Appliances uses CloudExtend to Support Their Mission of Innovation and Increase Automation

Refrigeration & Specialty Appliances

North America

Products Used:
CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite
CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite

Some of our employees were spending at least
an hour per day doing the manual work to put data into static dashboards. Now they only spend 2 minutes to update or just take a snapshot of the data.

Mark Tanner
Director of MIS, Danby Appliances
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Danby is a leading refrigeration and specialty appliance company. Their company headquarters is in North America. They have a simple mission to create brilliant & inspired appliances designed to fit their customer’s space and their every move. Their unique appliances consist of air conditioners, freezers, bar fridges, kegerators, and many more. Danby was established over 75 years ago with a vision of creating innovative appliances with big product features for small-space living. They have continually evolved the functionality of their products over the years. Now one of the leading refrigeration and specialty appliance companies in North America, they are loved by people continent-wide. As Danby products have evolved, so has their way of doing business. 


The Director of MIS at Danby began to notice manual processes across the business surrounding their NetSuite usage. One of the first issues that stuck out was the way finance users were conducting reporting tasks. He discovered that data was being manually pulled from Excel. Multiple departments were going into NetSuite multiple times a day to retrieve data to pull into Excel for their reports.

Another issue was that large companies in the NetSuite CRM that should have many contacts would often only have 2 or 3. There was a  lack of communication with customers in NetSuite and he set out to understand why there was missing data. His goal was to find a solution to improve business processes and save the company time and money. 

The Challenge

After speaking to users across the business, Danby’s Director of MIS uncovered many employees exporting data from NetSuite, manipulating it in their own Excel spreadsheets, and creating static dashboards and views of the data. In order to create a dynamic data atmosphere, the employees needed to either update it once a month, every week, or even every single day. One of the main reasons why employees were doing this manually was because natively in the UI, only one saved search at a time could be retrieved. If they needed to combine two or more saved searches, it was very cumbersome.

When the Director of MIS spoke to users about adding contacts, emails, events, and files to NetSuite, they shared that it took too long. They were used to working in their inbox all day and adding this information to the CRM was important but it required too many steps when they were trying to juggle other priorities, such as generating business. 

Our users can work in Outlook or they can work on their phone, and they’re automating attaching communication back to records in NetSuite, which is fantastic.

Mark Tanner
Director of MIS, Danby Appliances

The Solution

Danby’s quality department is required to collect certain data to determine if a product is functioning correctly. Every time an item gets returned, a number of tests need to take place to see why it was returned and if it can be resold. CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite gave the quality department the opportunity to combine unlimited saved searches and schedules and update them simultaneously in one Excel spreadsheet for a full view of the status of their products. That data can now be stored on their OneDrive. The finance department also uses CloudExtend Excel to help with their financial close process. Because CloudExtend allowed them to integrate their dynamic NetSuite data with Excel, leveraging Power BI for a better overall picture was much easier as well. They are now beginning to utilize the app to help them track future sales and growth.

In addition to CloudExtend Excel, Danby also leveraged CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite. It allows employees to work directly from their Outlook inbox to add emails, events, and files to records to NetSuite. It has addressed their user’s concerns about the amount of time it used to take to add new information to NetSuite. 

The Bottom Line

Danby Appliances uses Celigo’s E-Commerce solution, as well as CloudExtend. CloudExtend’s Excel application has provided Danby with better quality control and more accurate, faster analysis of their NetSuite data.

CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite has given Danby an organized and transparent line of communication between their customers, suppliers, and staff. Employees save time and increase efficiency because they have eliminated the need to manually add emails and files to NetSuite or search for communication that may or may not exist.

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