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EnableIP, LLC Increased Efficiency and Productivity By Over 20% in Google Drive & Outlook by Using CloudExtend Products

Telecom / Internet

Kerrville, TX

Products Used:
CloudExtend Outlook for Netsuite

With CloudExtend products, we increased efficiency and productivity by 20% in Google Drive & Outlook!
Chase Linscomb
Customer Solutions Specialist, EnableIP, LLC


Founded in 2011, EnableIP, LLC provides top-of-the-line customer service with flexible contracts, three layers of engineered network solutions, and services tailored for each customer; in addition, customers have the peace of mind of having one single point of contact. Based in Kerrville, TX, EnableIP, LLC architected a repeatable system that allows them to build networks, so their clients can leverage cloud applications to boost efficiency and increase profits.


As a technology company, we’re very process and automation-oriented. We’re always looking for ways to improve upon our process. So we immediately defined the disconnect between NetSuite and email. We’d only been using NetSuite a matter of months before we contacted CloudExtend after doing research. We were able to install it in a matter of minutes and there was no disruption or downtown for implementation. We haven’t had any problems, and we’ve only contacted CloudExtend Support one single time, and that was a very positive experience.

The Challenge

To keep in line with EnableIP, LLC’s core value of best-in-class customer service, they were always looking for ways to streamline processes, so that their entire team could have access to all of the documents needed for every customers’ journey. They needed to attach these files to projects, cases, or opportunities without having a lot of tabs open.

For example, the EnableIP, LLC  project team really needs to have access to all relevant emails and documentation in order to successfully build out a project plan, but before CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite, teams were forced to rely on email and multiple apps. They needed to find a way to automate this to make processes organized, efficient, and easily repeatable.

CloudExtend Outlook for Netsuite is a time-saver and productivity multiplier. Having the ability to do what used to take multiple tabs and several minutes with a single click from Outlook has saved our team a lot of time and improved the use of existing processes.

Chase Linscomb
Customer Solutions Specialist, EnableIP, LLC

The Solution

After doing some research, EnableIP, LLC picked CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite. Since EnableIP, LLC is a tech-savvy company, they didn’t require a lot of training and found CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite easily implementable into their daily processes. In addition, they have only contacted the CloudExtend support team one single time, since product inception and it was a very easy and positive process. Teams can now easily and quickly attach files and update records to opportunities and projects in one centralized location and records are now organized and easily viewable for all. The productivity and efficiency boost has been very helpful for the team as they continue to work remotely. CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite has proven to be a tremendous investment and currently, they are exploring additional ways to optimize CloudExtend products and services to help streamline their process and procedures.

The Bottom Line

With CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite, EnableIP, LLC has examined additional use cases to streamline internal processes and implemented the Google Drive attachment to NetSuite. The ability to define and edit business logic easily drove the proper prioritization and distribution of content between the available resources.

Projects can be segmented and prioritized based on any number of business parameters such as first communication date, important updates, contract details, expected value, customer segment, and so on. Having all of the information needed to create customer journeys, where and when it’s needed has made a tremendous impact on throughput and operational costs. It has enhanced customer and employee experience in a time when operationally, remote working was necessary. For example, the project team no longer needs to rely on emails from the sales team to start building out project plans. They can look at files directly from NetSuite and even update records easily.

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