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Game-changing updates:

CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite!

An overview of CloudExtend’s upcoming Excel for NetSuite product release. We are very excited to announce game-changing improvements to Excel for NetSuite.

  • All your favorite Excel for NetSuite features in one app: No need to log into SmartClient for legacy features.
  • Support for multi-select fields: Users will now be able to enter all values of multi-select fields in a single cell as comma-separated values within quotes.
  • Connect to multiple NetSuite accounts: Connect to all your NetSuite accounts with one Microsoft ID using CloudExtend’s Federated Identity without having to sign out to switch accounts and roles.
  • New UX: All new UI to improve the user experience.
  • Support for new fields exposed in 2021.2 NetSuite WSDL: Any new field that NetSuite has exposed in 2021.2 NetSuite WSDL will now be visible in the app.
  • Filters travel with the workbook: When you share the workbook with your colleagues now the filters associated with that template also get shared so that they no longer have to recreate them.
  • Real-time and background uploads: Real-time upload is enabled by default or users can make all their uploads process in the background by selecting it from the settings.
  • Emptying a field: Users can now empty a body-level field value by selecting the option from the Cell Operations panel.


Chris Corcoran

General Manager, CloudExtend

Justine Burdo

Head of Sales & Customer Success, CloudExtend