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On-Demand Webinar

Improve Customer Experience by Making NetSuite the Single Source of Truth

If your organization has challenges getting accurate information, files, and events into NetSuite, resulting in a lack of confidence in CRM data, CloudExtend can help! CloudExtend makes it significantly easier and faster to add or update NetSuite records, as well as add emails, files, and events to NetSuite, right from your inbox. This makes Customer Success teams much happier because they have a full picture of everything happening with each customer.

CloudExtend also helps improve customer reporting by allowing users to work with NetSuite data in Excel. Data is more accurate and reporting tasks can be completed much faster.

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn more about how CloudExtend helps Customer Success teams.

Topics include:

  • How CloudExtend partners with Customer Success teams to improve the accuracy of CRM data
  • How improving information and automation in the CRM can improve your customer’s experience
  • Empowering Customer Success teams to create their own reports in Excel for complete visibility into trends and insights


Jacyln Hoffman

Customer Success Manager, CloudExtend

Justine Burdo

Head of Sales & Customer Success, CloudExtend