We are super excited about Author Lucy Mazalon‘s awesome review of Cloud Extend Excel for Salesforce, which we strongly encourage you to check out. Here are just a few highlights of “The AppAssessor #12: CloudExtend” to get you started.


“Wouldn’t it be a relief if, actually, you could release the struggle? If you can’t beat them, join them – and that’s exactly what CloudExtend does: opening up your Salesforce org into the familiar interface of Excel.”

CloudExtend Excel’s interface is slick and straightforward, and often gets a shout-out in customer feedback, who prefer it to similar tools they’ve trialed.”
The way records from related objects are presented is something notable, as each child record appears as separate rows, sorted by the parent object. Yes, this does mean you can manipulate both parent and child records at the same time, curing typical admin headaches, such as updating contacts and accounts!”
Feedback after creating or updating record is superb, due to its transparency.”

Here are some potential positive impacts I noticed:

  • Time saved: no opening, scrolling and saving individual records

  • Familiarity: clearly for Excel-junkies, but also mirroring aspects of the Salesforce interface too.

  • Alleviate Admin workload: end those tedious data import requests.

  • User adoption: getting the data they collect in their day-to-day work into Salesforce”

I’m not exaggerating when I say it took 5 minutes from the point of landing on the website product page, to getting Cloudextend plugged in. Sign in is through OAuth, and at once you have all your Salesforce data points at your fingertips!”
“The onboarding email series is seriously commendable. The emails, written in a friendly tone of voice, inspire you with different use cases for the tool, linking to great video resources and invitations to workshops.”
“Assessing CloudExtend Excel for Salesforce was (to describe it in one word) enlightening. It proved to me that there is a way die-hard Excel fans or cloud-phobic users can adopt the Salesforce platform.

I see this product having a great impact inside organisations to increase job satisfaction of users and admins alike, saving time (no opening, scrolling and saving individual records), familiarity (combining the best of the Salesforce and Excel interfaces).”

Thank you, Lucy Mazalon, for your review!

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