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Install in Seconds.
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CloudExtend builds applications for NetSuite and Salesforce users that allow them to work exponentially faster. Our laser focus on Excel and email integrations combined with our strong background in ERP and CRM enable us to deliver products that install in seconds and deliver immediate benefits.

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CloudExtend Excel for Netsuite Datasheet
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CloudExtend Google Workspace for Netsuite
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CloudExtend Excel for Salesforce
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CloudExtend Outlook for Netsuite
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The Connected Spreadsheet:

Tips for Moving from Chaotic to Connected

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Connected Email & CRM:

Tips for Email & ERP Integration Challenges

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Chase Linscomb,
Customer Solutions Specialist, EnableIP, LLC

CloudExtend for Netsuite is a time-saver and productivity multiplier. Having the ability to do in a single click what used to take multiple tabs and several minutes has saved our team a lot of time and improved the use of existing processes.”

Increase Efficiency by 40%

Reduced Import Time by Over 50%

200 hrs Saved Per User Per Year

50% Increase in Efficiency


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