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How to Get the Most Out of CloudExtend Apps with Our All-Star Support Team

Justine Account Executive
blog author chris corcoran
Justine Burdo

Account Executive

Jomari Buhain

Support Manager

blog author chris corcoran
blog author chris corcoran
Kevin Ha

Solutions Consultant

Elise Gonzales

Training Manager

Bridge the gap between being a CloudExtend user to being a CloudExtend expert with the All-Star CloudExtend team. Every day thousands of NetSuite users save time and resources when they use CloudExtend’s top-rated email and Excel integration apps. We provide email and Excel integration apps that save users time and resources. To bring in the new year, we’d like to share with you tips, tools and tricks that can turn you into a CloudExtend expert.

Topics include:

  • Brief demos of CE products
  • Live training session overview
  • Common use case videos overview
  • Support team overview
  • Meet the support team
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