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NetSuite and Excel 101: How to Create and Update Records in Excel, Plus Build Custom Reports

Justine Account Executive
blog author chris corcoran
Justine Burdo

Account Executive
CloudExtend Brand

Chris Corcoran

General Manager
CloudExtend Brand

blog author chris corcoran
Sarah Verdier

Botanical Science, Inc.

The benefits of analytics are well known. Yet, 63% of employees report they cannot gather insights in their required timeframe. In a remote capacity, more and more decisions must be data-driven and companies are increasing efforts to become data-driven cultures.

Creating a data-driven culture is about replacing gut feeling with decisions based on data-derived facts. For example, an executive may study simple key figures such as revenue or profit, results from advanced analytics models, or even qualitative data when making decisions. This takes the emotion out of decision making, and allows leaders to make better informed decisions.

In this webinar, Justine Burdo, Chris Corcoran, Kevin Ha from the CloudExtend Team and guest speaker, Sarah Verdier, President of Botanical Science, Inc. will cover ways that CloudExtend can help NetSuite users save time and resources while becoming more data-driven with our top rated Excel integration apps.

Topics include:

  • CloudExtend Excel Apps Overview
  • Key features that will help you save time and increase productivity
  • Customer success story: Botanical Science, Inc.
  • Competition between support and sales. Who can do it faster?
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