On-Demand Webinar

The Secrets to Leveraging Excel to Streamline Financial Processes
in NetSuite


Justine Account Executive
Justine Burdo

Account Executive
CloudExtend Brand

blog author chris corcoran
Chris Corcoran

General Manager
CloudExtend Brand

What if your finance and accounting team could manage NetSuite data without ever leaving Excel? You could increase data visibility across your organization. You could transform time consuming and repetitive tasks into more efficient processes to save significant time and resources, especially during month end.

In this webinar, Justine Burdo and Chris Corcoran from the CloudExtend team will walk you through how to leverage CloudExtend Excel to maximize productivity for your finance and accounting team. Learn the secrets to achieve more in less time.

Topics include:

  • Creating/updating large journal entries
  • Creating/editing invoices in bulk
  • Uploading/tracking vendor bills
  • Demo and overview of CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite
  • Exclusive sneak peek at the CloudExtend product roadmap
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