The Connected CRM: Learn how to Save Time and Reduce Errors by Managing Your Salesforce Data in Excel

Justine Account Executive
Justine Burdo

Account Executive
CloudExtend Brand

blog author chris corcoran
Chris Corcoran

General Manager
CloudExtend Brand

For Salesforce users, inputting missing information, resolving errors, and adding new information can be a lengthy and tedious process. These bottlenecks in productivity can have a significant impact on your business and drive up operational costs at a time when optimizing efficiencies for your teams has become more important than ever.

CloudExtend Excel helps Salesforce users address this by allowing for the creation and management of multiple related objects in Salesforce simultaneously from Excel. This saves significant time on fixing omitted information, errors, or updating many records at once. In this webinar, Justine Burdo and Chris Corcoran from the Celigo CloudExtend team will walk you through how CloudExtend allows you to save significant time on Salesforce tasks and increase productivity within your organization.

Topics include:

  • How to create or update hundreds of Salesforce records from Excel in seconds
  • Use cases for integrating Salesforce with Excel by role: Sales, Marketing, Salesforce Admin, Ops/IT
  • Leveraging Excel to create professional Salesforce reports
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