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Success Story

Gateway Products Pty Ltd

Gateway Products Pty Ltd Accomplished Organizational Visibility Into Important Communications with ExtendSync


Brisbane, Australia

Products Used:
ExtendSync for Outlook | CRM: NetSuite

ExtendSync provides a seamless experience with NetSuite. It has increased our productivity by 40%. Our company culture embraces technology and innovation, so we couldn’t be happier with ExtendSync.


Graham West-McInnes
Sales Manager, Gateway Products Pty Ltd.


Gateway Products Pty Ltd was established in 2000 and opened their Brisbane factory in May 2001. Creating manufacturing sites in Australia and with growing partners overseas has allowed them to supply a diverse range of ingredients and services to the food industry. Gateway has the knowledge, innovation, and experience that allows them to adapt and come out ahead of food industry trends.


Known for their innovation and technical expertise in the food industry and being dedicated NetSuite users for approximately ten years, Gateway Products began asking themselves if there was an easier way to attach emails and attachments to their customer records in a faster and more intuitive way. They wanted all customer-facing teams to have access to the entire customer journey to make for better customer experiences.

The Challenge

Gateway Products is always looking for ways to streamline internal processes. They’ve managed to reshape processes and stay ahead of food trends for over 70 years. They wanted to make sure that they understood their customers’ correspondence journey for key customer-facing departments like sales, quality, accounting and finance, support, and account management. Sometimes their transactional data including attachments and emails are relevant to how each department personalizes its customer journey. They also needed to find an app that worked seamlessly with NetSuite.

ExtendSync is used by all customer-facing departments at Gateway Products and everyone has direct access to all correspondence and file associated with the customer record. It’s so easy that it didn’t even require training. This improves our ability to communicate with our customers.

Graham West-McInnes
Sales Manager, Gateway Products Pty Ltd.

The Solution

After some research on SuiteApp, Gateway Products decided to try ExtendSync. They were originally compelled by the reviews, the one-click functionality, and that CloudExtend Apps worked so seamlessly with NetSuite. Product implementation required no downtime or training. Gateway was able to immediately start attaching communications and attachments. All customer-facing departments had access to important customer records for better customer experiences.

The Bottom Line

The customer communication journey is the process by which a customer interacts with a company in order to achieve a goal. Not having a clear view of the customer journey can lead to missteps in getting your customers to achieve critical benchmark goals. The goal may be making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, joining a loyalty program, or anything in between. With the help of a customer communication journey map, you’ll get a better understanding of what will motivate your customers to achieve these goals. ExtendSync helps companies like Gateway Products to stay ahead of the curve by mapping out their customer communication journey and allowing them to attach communication and important events directly to their NetSuite records with one simple click.

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