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Automate Manual Processes and Accelerate Business Outcomes with Email and Excel Integration Apps for the Platforms You Use Most

Get Better Data,
Do Better Business


You’ve got all the data and information. Now all you need is something that lets you work with it in a way that you can do what you do best: drive business forward. We’ve got you. With email applications for integrating Microsoft Outlook or Google Workspace with NetSuite, and Excel applications connecting Hubspot, Stripe, Chargebee, NetSuite, Salesforce, and more, CloudExtend empowers you with insights that help you work better with your data while maintaining confidence in accuracy and quality.

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Build and automate the perfect reporting for business needs 

  • Faster, More Accurate Month-End: Automatically consolidate data from multiple sources to build a budget you’re confident is right
  • Predict the Future: Data-backed forecasts give you a more accurate preview for decision-making and growth strategies
  • Put P&L on Cruise Control: Automate high-level overviews for revenue, expenses, and net profits that easily refresh to reflect the latest data


Get information where it’s needed, when it’s needed 

  • Better Pipeline, Better Deals: Sales funnel dashboards show where you can improve even more
  • Close Deals, Get Paid: Create and edit sales orders with ease, and leverage overarching insights from multiple sources to help you zero in on the right prospects
  • Say Goodbye to Silos: Easily share contacts and communication with one-click addition of emails, attachments, and events to NetSuite records
  • Play Nice with Marketing: Keep everyone on the same page with a single point of truth across departments


Concentrated insights to market to the right people in the right way

  • Decisions Based on Facts, Not Gut Feelings: Combine data from top platforms into one holistic overview
  • Connect with the Right People: Got a reply that your contact left the company? Update contact records and status right from your email inbox
  • Grow Revenue, Get Budget: See where your top performers are and leverage that for revenue growth . . . and a bigger budget for next year


Improve internal communication and get clients the results they want

  • Report on Every Account in Less Time: Automate reports for your clients and for your business
  • Deliver No-BS Results: Dashboard templates help you build reports that show exactly what’s going on
  • Everybody Is in The Loop: Attach emails by thread or by contact to CRM records so everyone can track progress
  • Keep Clients Happy, and Coming Back: Proactive data sharing helps clients see that you’re doing the best job for them

Customer Service

Level up service with deeper understanding of every customer

  • More Time with Customers, Less with Your Computer: Automatically connect emails, events, and files to NetSuite
  • Share with [Almost] Everyone: Every team member can add their important emails, attachments, and events to a record for the group to see based on established NetSuite permissions
  • No More Duplicates: Automatically validate if a NetSuite record already exists before you add it

IT / Operations

Empower users with added value in everyday apps

  • More Bang for Your Buck: Maximize budget by extending the value of the tools your organization uses every day, like Excel, email, CRM, and ERP
  • Fewer Help Desk Calls: Reduce IT requests by empowering users to create their own reports and eliminating manual processes
  • Lock Down Security: CloudExtend holds certifications for SOC Type 1 and 2, GDPR, CPRA, and more

Integrated data from leading platforms for the single source of truth you need.

Why Do Organizations Love CloudExtend?

Code-Free Easy Install

Our apps install in about 30 minutes without using a single line of code. Get up and running fast with included report templates, and see nearly immediate ROI. Or, build your own for the custom insights you need.

We’ve Got Your Back

Got a question? Our team is available when you are to provide training and answer questions. Even if you come up with a question we don’t know right away, we won’t rest until we find a satisfactory answer.

Behind-the-Scenes Smarts

We empower teams with additional understanding of how data is stored in NetSuite and other applications so they can see how it can be used in other programs for ultimate usability and insight.

Integration Expertise

We’ve been integrating apps for over a decade. And as a brand of Celigo, we have access to an ever-expanding portfolio of integration options that increase automation and functionality for organizations around the world.

Everybody Wins

It’s not just IT or Finance that benefits from CloudExtend integrations, it’s everyone! From Account Representatives to Customer Success Managers, Marketing to Sales, CloudExtend has something for every user.

Regulatory Readiness Illustration

Regulatory Readiness


CloudExtend is committed to following the most trusted security standards in the world, and proves it with audits and accreditations.


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