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Focus More on Customers and Less on Manual Work

Automatically increase inter-departmental visibility and the single source of truth, all while working in the familiarity of your email inbox and Excel.


Good customer service starts with having a clear understanding of the customer and their experience. And a clear understanding demands a single source of truth that keeps the entire team informed on what’s going on with every customer they may interact with. CloudExtend email and Excel integration applications take the manual work out of maintaining that single source of truth for the whole organization. Automatically update contact records and attach emails, or pull vital numbers easily into Excel for clear visibility on churn and progress.

Level Up Service with Deeper Understanding of Every Customer 

Maintain Focus

Automate adding emails and files to NetSuite, managing the CRM from your inbox without having to switch applications.

Improve Collaboration

Attach events and emails to records for the entire group to reference based on established NetSuite permissions.

Validate Data

Keep data accurate by validating NetSuite records to prevent creating duplicates.

Real-Time Accuracy

Real-time Excel-based access to data from NetSuite and other sources that can be refreshed on-demand or on a schedule provides more accurate churn reporting.

Bring Your Data to Life

Create board-ready dashboards, reports, and visualizations by connecting NetSuite, Salesforce, Chargebee, or Stripe data to Excel and Power BI, then embed any report in live interactive PowerPoint presentations.

Empower Your Team

Reduce IT involvement by giving users the power to manage your data directly in Excel, bypassing CSV exports.

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