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Enhance Your Salesforce Reporting and Analytics with Excel Integration

One-step Salesforce integration with Excel and Power BI that lets you build powerful, accurate, and refreshable reporting for the best decision-making possible.

Why We're Different

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Integrate popular data sources with Excel to import data with one click

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Refresh spreadsheet data automatically or on demand for to-the-moment reports and dashboards

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Extend the value of the applications you already have, while letting teams work where they want

Analyze and Update Salesforce Data in Real Time Right in Excel

With Excel considered the industry-standard spreadsheet application, it plays a crucial role in business analytics.

It’s time to make it even more powerful.

Interface Highlighting the Capture of Accurate Data

Capture the Right Salesforce Data

Pull Salesforce data on demand or refresh on a schedule to make sure reporting and decisions rely on the latest information.

Salesforce Data Update with a Single Click

Update Data with A Single Click

Refresh data any time with a single click, or set automatic updates to run according to your business’ specific needs.

Transform Data Easily with Intuitive Interface

Easily Transform Data in Excel or Power BI

Organize and filter data exactly as you need it using all the familiar formulas and tools included in Excel, then refresh automatically or on demand.

Better insights for better decision making with ExtendInsights

See More Clearly What Your Data is Telling You

Pull analysis-ready data into prebuilt Excel dashboard templates or bespoke company reports in minutes.

Integrate Salesforce with These Destinations


Microsoft Excel


Power BI

Here’s What You’ll Love About ExtendInsights

Instant Data Imports

    • Quick installation with near-immediate ROI
    • Import data to Excel with a single click

Effortlessly Report and Analyze

    • Build reports and dashboards with one or more queries in Excel
    • Refresh data automatically on a schedule, or on-demand as needed

Combine and Share

    • Combine data from other sources into one workbook or dashboard
    • Share or embed reports for easy access across the organization

Safe and Secure

    • No data is ever saved or stored on CloudExtend’s servers
    • Logins maintain the security parameters of existing systems

Thousands of World-Class Organizations Rely on CloudExtend

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Be Confident in Your Data’s Security

CloudExtend helps you work better with your data, but we will never store or save any of it—and all of our product logins leverage the existing security parameters of your connected data sources.

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