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CloudExtend Lets Teams Like Yours
Stop Wasting Time.

CloudExtend is a brand of Celigo, a leader in the iPaaS and SmartConnector space. Operating as a separate brand of a larger, venture capital backed company allows our team to leverage the vast corporate resources of Celigo including (Celigo’s iPaaS), while at the same time operating in an independent manner that allows for flexibility in business and engineering processes. We’re a global company with our headquarters in San Mateo, CA and offices in Connecticut and Hyderabad, India.

We build NetSuite and Salesforce applications that allow end users to work exponentially faster. Our team has a laser focus on Excel and email integrations.

Combined with our strong background in ERP and CRM, this enables us to deliver products that install in seconds and delivers immediate benefits.

CloudExtend has 1800 Customers in 60 Countries

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