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CloudExtend has over 30,000 Users in 60 Countries

CloudExtend is a brand of Celigo, a leader in the iPaaS and SmartConnector space. Operating as a separate brand of a larger, venture capital-backed company allows our team to leverage the vast corporate resources of Celigo including (Celigo’s iPaaS), while at the same time operating in an independent manner that allows for flexibility in business and engineering processes. We’re a global company headquartered in Redwood Shores, CA with offices in Connecticut and Hyderabad, India.

CloudExtend empowers users to make faster, more insightful decisions by creating innovative, user-friendly applications that integrate workplace productivity tools with platforms they use every day to automatically add emails, events, and files to NetSuite from Gmail and Outlook, or use Excel and Power BI to improve reporting and analysis capabilities for popular data sources. Our integration apps eliminate hundreds of manual work hours, significantly reduce data import times, and facilitate a 360-degree view of customer activity.

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