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The CloudExtend Partner Program

The CloudExtend Partner Program

CloudExtend’s Partner Program extends the opportunity for businesses get the most out of both NetSuite and the apps they already have. Together, we can provide access to applications that eliminate manual data entry, incomplete data, and communication silos in NetSuite, enabling extended automation and visibility across the organization.

Benefits for CloudExtend Partners

Free CloudExtend Licenses

Each partnership level is eligible for a certain number and type of CloudExtend demo licenses

Commissions on Closed Deals

Earn a commission for every sale that you register with us that closes

Opportunity Identification Tips

Learn the ins and outs of each CloudExtend application along with the ideal candidates for each

Automatic Enrollment as a Celigo Partner

Increase revenues by additionally partnering with Celigo, the leading integration platform (iPaaS) provider that enables the automation of diverse processes across your entire organization

Extensive Product Training

From implementation to application, know all there is to know about CloudExtend’s email, Excel, and Salesforce solutions

What CloudExtend Partners Have to Say

“We’ve been a proud CloudExtend partner for a number of years. After seeing how easy it was to implement CloudExtend and how much time it saved our team, it’s been a no-brainer to recommend it to the organizations we work with, too.”

Adam Chaikin, Partner
Opal Creek Consulting

“CloudExtend truly supports our ongoing goal of keeping NetSuite as the business’ single source of truth. The technology and the people are so easy to work with—and partnering with CloudExtend is no different. It’s easy, it works the way it’s supposed to, we can’t stop talking about it.”

Terry Nelson, Sr. Business Consultant

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