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Live Webinar

Excel and Power BI Reporting, Even Easier

If reporting processes in spreadsheets are so time-consuming and manual, why are we all still doing it? And is there a way to make it better? 

Are you ready to bypass native report capacity caps, ditch the chances for manual reporting errors, and start driving opportunity with integration, all without leaving the familiarity of Excel? With integration capabilities in more of the platforms you use every day across the org—including NetSuite, Hubspot, Salesforce, Stripe and Chargebee—to effectively run and report on your business, there’s no limit to the productivity and efficiency gains you can experience.

Harness the power of Excel’s popularity and low learning curve to create instantly refreshable reporting and dynamic dashboards. We’ll show you how to: 

  • Access and schedule source data directly in Excel
  • Translate Excel reports into Power BI dashboards 
  • Use pre-built templates to create instantly refreshable dashboards
  • Merge and analyze data from multiple sources for a full overview of the business landscape
  • Build multi-dimensional pivot tables across multiple data sources


Justine Burdo

Head of Sales & Customer Success, CloudExtend

Kevin Ha

Solution Consultant, CloudExtend