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Success Story


Plastribution’s users depend on the functionality and efficiency that CloudExtend NetSuite integrations deliver.

Thermoplastic Raw Material Distribution

United Kingdom

Products Used:
CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite & CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite

There’s a lot of time saved just by having data visible in the system and accessible by all departments. CloudExtend saves us at least four hours a week per user.

Simon Thompson
Finance Director, Plastribution


Plastribution is the UK’s leading distributor of thermoplastic raw materials for injection molding, extrusion, and blow molding industries. Sourcing globally from major petrochemical producers, Plastribution supplies materials in multiple markets and industries, including packaging, construction, automotive, medical, industrial electronic, and electrical applications.


As Plastribution grew, they needed a more convenient way to track interactions with customers in order to provide visibility and improve communication across the organization. While their NetSuite solution provided opportunity to house relevant information, connecting information to records and sales orders in NetSuite was still a far more manual process than the team had time to continue managing.

The Challenge

After working with channel partner NoBlue to manage their NetSuite application, Plastribution asked for guidance in developing and optimizing the way they used NetSuite for the business. Their first initiative was to connect NetSuite with Outlook so that important information from email conversations could easily be tracked. And that’s where CloudExtend came in.

We’re able to build analysis in a spreadsheet, create a journal based on that analysis, and push it straight back into NetSuite. In terms of efficiency and keeping control over data, CloudExtend is very powerful for us.

Simon Thompson
Finance Director, Plastribution

The Solution

Without hesitation, NoBlue recommended CloudExtend’s Outlook to NetSuite integration solution to Plastribution. “We were very impressed with the ease of setup, initially,” remarked Finance Director Simon Thompson. “Getting the product installed on people’s account was very, very easy to do, and the functionality was very straightforward and easy, as well, which created a high degree of adoption across the business.”

CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite was such a success that just two years later in 2022, Plastribution added CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite to their tech stack, enabling both analytics and data management capabilities for NetSuite data right in Excel.

The Bottom Line

CloudExtend Outlook usage has spread across multiple departments in just a few short years. What started out as a tool used predominantly by the commercial teams has extended to supply chain and beyond. “We were looking for interactions with customers where we received sales orders and could then attach those sales order emails to the actual order within NetSuite,” Simon shared. “And other communication as well could attach to either the sales order or delivery notes or whatever it happened to be. Then once some of the other departments found out that commercial teams were using, we realized they could benefit as well.”

When it comes to data management and analysis, CloudExtend Excel has significantly streamlined processes. “From a finance viewpoint, it’s been really powerful and created quite a lot of efficiencies in terms of how we manipulate data backward and forward in NetSuite,” Simon said. “We combine the analysis with the data reporting tool, and what that means is we can pull data out of NetSuite, do our analysis, and then push the data back in once we’ve done whatever we want to do with that reporting.”

Plastribution’s users depend on the functionality and efficiency that CloudExtend NetSuite integrations deliver, even using Excel integrations to migrate data after acquiring a new business, further driving efficiency. According to Simon, “Between the time saved with storing data and having access to the data across departments, CloudExtend saves us at least four hours a week per user.”

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