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CloudExtend Products

Multiply the Value of Excel and Email with Integration Apps for Popular Platforms

At CloudExtend, we’re in the business of bringing you the best email and Excel integration apps to boost productivity and make your day-to-day work just that much better.

ExtendInsights integration capabilities connect Excel with the popular business data sources you use most: NetSuite, HubSpot, Salesforce, Stripe, and Chargebee, with plenty more on the way. Bypass native report capacity caps, ditch the risk of manual reporting errors, and start driving opportunity with integration—all without leaving the familiarity of Excel.

ExtendSync provides visibility into important communications and events, and the ability to create, edit, and modify contact records, all right from your Outlook or Gmail inbox.

Better insights for better decision making with ExtendInsights

Exporting and transforming data for reporting and uploading can be such a tedious and manual process. It’s time to ditch the old processes and empower Excel to facilitate the export, merge, blend, analysis, and enrichment of your data for the easiest and most accurate reporting you’ve experienced with the help of ExtendInsights.

  • Bypass application UIs
  • Automatically update reports
  • Better insights for better decision-making
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Create New Contact with ExtendSync interface

With as many as 50% of sales professionals admitting to storing important contact information in inboxes and Excel instead of their CRM, maybe it’s time to let them work where they want—while still getting the CRM updates you need to run the business. With ExtendSync, you get visibility into important communications and events, and the ability to create, edit, and modify contact records, all right from your inbox.

  • Create and edit NetSuite contacts
  • Automatically add email messages
  • Keep calendars updated
  • Save on storage
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Thousands of World Class Organizations Rely on CloudExtend

Learn more about CloudExtend’s commitment to security and the benefits of using role-based access control (RBAC) with third-party apps.

CloudExtend Benefits

More Productivity

CloudExtend’s integration with email and spreadsheets allows for faster data entry and updates

Better Collaboration

With CloudExtend internal teams can take action on the most up-to-date important information

Increased Visibility

Important email communication is added to Netsuite CRM with ease, empowering users to have a holistic view of activity

Faster Edits

Leverage CloudExtend to add and make edits to records in popular platforms, including NetSuite, improving data integrity

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