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Analyze NetSuite Data in Excel & Power BI

Faster, More Powerful NetSuite Reporting

All the Data You Need to Manage in NetSuite, Easily Done in Excel

Wouldn’t it be great to never see another CSV upload error in NetSuite again? No one has time to wait for CSV uploads to run and simply hope for the best. That’s why we made it easier than ever to upload and update data and do reporting and analysis on NetSuite data—all through the power and simplicity of Excel. 

Whether you need to upload small or large amounts of data, analyze multiple saved searches in Excel, connect Excel and Power BI, or just want to generate reports faster, CloudExtend Excel provides real-time integration and visibility.

The Connected Spreadsheet:

Tips for Moving from Chaotic to Connected

Despite being purpose-built to help businesses get a better understanding of operations by tracking meaningful data, working with ERP data can still present time-consuming challenges. Why not make your NetSuite data even more powerful by leveraging existing Excel knowledge to increase productivity and insights?