I have been working here at Celigo on the CloudExtend team for almost four years.  I started in Customer Success but quickly found my passion for sales. I’ve been selling our products ever since. Over the past four years, I’ve met with countless customers, done hundreds of demos, and, most importantly, I tracked all the feedback and helped justify a killer new feature.

As a person in sales myself, I know the importance of storing important communications from my Gmail inbox to NetSuite to give my colleagues 360 visibility. Having important conversations in NetSuite benefits the organization as a whole.

Putting Customers First

Customers love that our CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite app allows them to decide which emails are important enough to attach to NetSuite. Most customers, however, added that they wanted some higher level of automation. I started tracking all these requests. Eventually, I created an enhancement request for our customers. It would allow them to automatically attach all follow-up emails in a thread to NetSuite without any further interaction. Put simply, users still decide if an email is important enough to attach to NetSuite. Once attached, all the replies in the thread will be automatically attached to the same NetSuite records.

I pushed and pushed and pushed some more with my manager. I practically begged our engineers to build this…picturing their faces cringing whenever they saw a slack message knowing it was me bugging them.  With a ton of really hard work and dedication from the CloudExtend engineers, the time has arrived and this highly anticipated feature IS HERE!

I am more than excited to introduce CloudExtend Autopilot to the NetSuite world.  Now more than ever, saving emails to NetSuite is critical.  We made it easy before but now it is that much easier, saving you more time and making you and your team that much more productive.

CloudExtend Autopilot for NetSuite

CloudExtend Autopilot for NetSuite is here for our Gmail app. It is coming soon to our Outlook customers as well. The lesson I learned here and one I want to pass on to my fellow sales reps (and customer success reps) is that if you really listen to the customer you can help your company be more successful and build products that your customers want. Sometimes you just need to be assertive.

If you are interested in learning more please contact me. You can also join our webinar on August 4th. We will share how you can get it for our Gmail App today!  Here is a short video for a sneak peek.


About the Author

Justine Burdo is an Account Executive on the Celigo CloudExtend team. She has been with the company for three years and helps customers all over the world connect ERP and CRM systems to productivity applications to save time, increase visibility and improve efficiency.

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