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Integrate NetSuite with Outlook and Google Workspace

Put Your Email on Cruise Control

Everything You Need in NetSuite, Automatically from Your Inbox

You already know what CloudExtend can do for your NetSuite data in Excel. Now let’s tackle your inbox. 

CloudExtend for Outlook and Google Workspace give your organization visibility into important communication and events by giving users the power to view, edit, and create new NetSuite records directly within their inboxes. Add Autopilot, our latest Enterprise addition, to automatically sync specific email conversation threads or anything from a specific email address to a record in NetSuite. And that’s not all.

  • Single-click addition of emails, attachments, and events to NetSuite records
  • Reduce storage costs using Microsoft OneDrive, SharePoint, or Google Drive to attach files and folders
  • Automatically sync events between Outlook, Gmail, and NetSuite calendars

The Connected Inbox:

Take Your Processes from Manual to Magical

Despite being a highly effective location for managing business information, maximizing the use of NetSuite requires users to add relevant information. So why not let users manage their NetSuite CRM activity from their inboxes?