Three Common Email
& ERP Integration Challenges
and How to Solve Them


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Everyday users are bombarded with information. Emails pile up, calendar invites need to be accepted or created, documents are emailed back and forth, and contacts need to be created or updated. Some, but not all of this data needs to be shared with others in the organization, but it often is not. So, how do organizations provide 360-visibility of important information to their teams in one central location that is easily accessible?

Many organizations face three common issues when integrating emails, files, and calendar invites with an ERP, like NetSuite. This ebook will examine each of them and provide best practices to help solve them.

Topics include:

  • What email connectivity means in today’s world
  • How to gain access to disparate data in the ERP, whether it’s emails or calendar events, that can quickly answer questions and significantly increase productivity throughout the organization
  • Tools to update information in the ERP more quickly and significantly increase the validity of the data
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