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Integrate NetSuite with Excel & Power BI

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Supercharge Your NetSuite Data with Excel’s Easy-to-Use Capabilities

According to surveyed users, 33% of companies say their reporting and analytics capabilities have not improved with their ERP. It’s time to make ERP reporting better for everyone, and it’s time to do that where teams are already running their numbers: Excel.

CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite is the missing link your ERP needs. Whether you need to upload small or large amounts of data, analyze multiple saved searches in Excel, connect Excel and Power BI, or just want to generate reports faster, CloudExtend Excel provides real-time integration and visibility. And that’s just for starters.

  • No more CSV exports and uploads . . . or errors!
  • Bypass NetSuite UI for faster data entry, updates, reporting, and analysis
  • Analyze near real-time data directly in Excel or Power BI
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Faster Reporting