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Success Story

B+N Industries

CloudExtend saves B+N Industries time and proves to be a reliable and trustworthy source for their email integrations

Interior & Exterior Design Solutions

North America

Products Used:
CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite

CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite saves our sales team on average about 10 minutes per email. For some getting hundreds of emails per day, it’s a huge time saver.

Kerith Helland
Operations System Manager, B+N Industries


Norman Somberg, one of B+N Industries original founders, helped invent the handheld label gun. Eventually, he sold the company and started B+N Industries in 1981. B+N Industries aimed to support the design industry by distributing and importing merchandising fixtures, systems, tags, and labels. Now, they design and manufacture innovative and intelligently engineered solutions that create purposeful and beautiful places.


When B+N Industries switched their CRM, they were faced with the challenge of finding a tool that seamlessly integrated their email communication with NetSuite. As the clientele grew, the company had a strong need to be able to not only efficiently manage emails, but also communicate across teams internally. B+N Industries was also looking for a document management system to help save money on NetSuite file storage.

The Challenge

Because the Sales team sends emails throughout the day, they were looking for a solution that would streamline their daily process and eliminate the need to login to NetSuite to sync emails. Emails were getting caught in spoofing and spam filters as well, so there was a secondary push to be able to send emails directly from Outlook. The sales team quickly became a part of the initiative to find an application that would help them better manage their work day. On top of the need to organize and send emails, B+N Industries also had a need for file storage. Storing files in NetSuite was becoming too costly. That’s where CloudExtend came in.

I‘ve never come across a company as a partner that has been so trustworthy and reliable all the way around. Everyone at CloudExtend has been very personable, helpful, and when I bring up an issue, you always do whatever you can to solve it.

Kerith Helland
Operations System Manager, B+N Industries

The Solution

Now that B+N Industries is able to utilize CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite, they are able to see significantly more interaction and communication in NetSuite itself. The ease of using CloudExtend has enabled staff across the business to add their important correspondence to NetSuite which has led to better communication and understanding of what their clients’ needs are. Efficiency has also increased since implementing the app. On average it saves users about ten minutes per email.

Now, B+N Industries uses CloudExtend’s file storage feature which allows them to save files in Sharepoint and access them in NetSuite. They save money on storage while creating a quick line of access between their client communication and the files tied to that client’s project.

The Bottom Line

CloudExtend’s Outlook application has provided B+N Industries with a smooth transition from one CRM to another and a more efficient look into their email communications. Virtually all departments in the company have benefited from the tool, but the sales team has utilized it the most. It has allowed them to save time and also has created more accurate communication with clients and the rest of the company. B+N Industries has benefited from the support of CloudExtend. From their Account Representative to their Customer Success Manager, CloudExtend has been able to offer all the help they’ve needed. The process of setting up the app in Outlook was easy for them from start to finish and they utilize the CloudExtend support team when needed.

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