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Press Release

SAN MATEO, Calif., Dec. 14, 2020 — CloudExtend, a Celigo brand focusing on smart integration productivity tools for NetSuite and Salesforce users, announced today that the newest feature of CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite enables OneDrive and SharePoint files and folders to be searchable directly within NetSuite’s CloudExtend Files tab. It allows “search for characters in document names, context, and in images (image processing)” and “search in folders.”

“I am very excited to provide our CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite customers with this new capability that will save them money and contribute to a better NetSuite experience,” said Chris Corcoran, General Manager of CloudExtend. “Our engineering team has worked tirelessly to release it and we are very proud of what they have accomplished.” 

The OneDrive and SharePoint search functionality will provide greater flexibility to the NetSuite user’s cloud-based file cabinet. This feature offers NetSuite users additional cloud-based storage via the ability to store files and folders in the organization’s Microsoft OneDrive for Business or SharePoint for Business accounts while still seeing them in NetSuite.

Benefits of integrating with external storage providers include:

  • Support for more file types than native NetSuite
  • Does not consume NetSuite storage space
  • Leveraging the vast sharing permissions of OneDrive for Business and SharePoint
  • Offering document portability should business needs change

The new search facility is available for a large variety of document formats, e.g., PDF, text, MS Word, MS Excel, JPEG, PNG, and AutoCAD. To learn more, visit CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite

About CloudExtend and Celigo:

CloudExtend is a Celigo brand that builds applications for NetSuite and Salesforce end users that allow them to work exponentially faster, with a laser focus on Microsoft Excel and email integrations. Combined with a strong background in ERP and CRM, CloudExtend offers products that install in seconds and delivers immediate benefits.

Built for IT professionals and business users, Celigo is a next-generation integration platform (iPaaS) that easily connects and automates processes across thousands of applications. It allows users to quickly build, manage, and hand off complex integrations at scale, requiring fewer IT resources and lowering the total cost of ownership.