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Success Story

Down Under Enterprises

Down Under Enterprises Increased Efficiency by 15% with ExtendSync and Stopped a Revolution

Down Under Enterprises

Personal Care

Products Used:
ExtendSync for Outlook | CRM: NetSuite

Down Under Enterprises would not function without ExtendSync. It is inconceivable to copy and paste emails manually into NetSuite, and our employees would revolt.


Phil Prather
Head of Marketing & Operations, Down Under Enterprises


Down Under Enterprises operates their own farms producing 100% pure, natural, and traceable Australian botanicals and supplies wholesale essential oils to hundreds of manufacturers in the personal care, home care, pet care, medicinal care, and industrial markets each year. They grow, produce, export, and market traceable and sustainable native Australian essential oils and botanicals. They source from their farm, Buhlambar, and also from small growers across Australia to provide some of the most pure botanicals in the industry.


Founded in 2001 in a spare bedroom to sell Tea Tree Oil from their founder’s parents’ farm, Down Under Enterprises is now the leading, and most respected, global provider of native Australian botanicals.

Their business driving principles are traceability, sustainability, and the empowerment of their staff. They operate in North America, South America, and Australia/New Zealand, with a network of exclusive commercial partners throughout Asia and via Univar Solutions in Europe.

The Challenge

Before Down Under Enterprises’ former free Outlook solution was discontinued, the functionality slowed down to a near halt, and became increasingly unstable. They knew that their global company needed to find another solution very quickly. They were hoping for a “try before you buy” solution that wouldn’t require exhaustive training or implementation. “It was inconceivable (for our team) to copy and paste emails manually into NetSuite, and our employees would revolt,” said Prather. “We used to have a process where we had a folder named “Upload to NetSuite” and employees would feel like it was a cumbersome data entry task that nobody wanted to do, and you would have to tag the emails from the computer (not mobile). So finding a product that was easy to implement, and didn’t disrupt production became increasingly important.” As an innovation-forward company, they had a shortlist of features that were important, including more automation features, an intuitive interface, immediate return on investment, and mobile friendliness. In order for the sales team to use it, the process to update NetSuite records had to be seamless, and include the option to upload attachments. The executive team was hoping to eliminate silos and gain more insight into important email communications.

Being able to tag an email from our mobile phone has been amazing. ExtendSync has given us a more 360-degree view of customer communications and now employees don’t mind updating records because it is no longer manual.

Phil Prather
Director of Marketing & Operations, Down Under Enterprises

The Solution

Everything happened within a day or two after they were referred to CloudExtend. Down Under Enterprise’s experience with CloudExtend during implementation was “great.” The speed and capacity of ExtendSync gave the Down Under Enterprise team more time to focus on customer-facing activities like making sales, attending Trade Shows, and proving the best products. ExtendSync’s Autopilot feature has been game-changing as far as updating records. There was no disruption to day-to-day operations, and now Down Under Enterprises employees don’t mind updating their records and really like the ability to link to different types of records. Now they can tag the company and the opportunity.

The Bottom Line

Making a process more efficient boosts morale and creates better customer experiences. Having CloudExtend’s skilled support and training team helps with user adoption. Any time a team member has a question, the CloudExtend team responds quickly. Now Down Under Enterprises’ staff isn’t constantly having to reinstall bundles and dealing with a slow, buggy interface. Even though Down Under Enterprise team members “aren’t computer experts,” they easily navigated the implementation of ExtendSync. In addition, the CloudExtend product team is always seeking feedback and recommendations about how to best design the best product for its customers.

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