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Success Story

Fastening Solutions

How Fastening Solutions Quit CSV Imports and Increased Efficiency by 50%


Montgomery, AL

Products Used:
CloudExtend Excel Data Management for NetSuite
CloudExtend Excel Analytics for NetSuite

CloudExtend Excel Integration Apps are a total game-changer for NetSuite Users. Their intuitive easy-to-use product installs in minutes and immediately, you can start updating your data and this has changed how we update our NetSuite data forever.
Ray Burns
Director of Business Solutions, Fastening Solutions, Inc.


Family-owned and serving customers since 1956, the Fastening Solutions, Inc. (FSI) has earned the reputation of being the best in the industry. By offering a range of quality products and demonstrating a unique understanding of how their customers use them, they have become an integral partner in their dealer and industrial customer’s successes.


For dealer customers, FSI’s own EZ-Fit brand of fasteners, compressors, and accessories is a great complement to the national brands. By stocking both, dealers benefit from the “best of both worlds” and can compete with the “big boxes” in terms of offering fastening products at multiple price points. Understanding the needs of their customers’ distinctly different industries, they offer products from recognized, well-respected brands which meet and exceed their demanding production requirements with industry-specific, innovative packaging solutions. Having a wide range of inventory and using NetSuite, they began evaluating apps that could make managing their data more manageable.

The Challenge

Due diligence on solutions for managing data can be a challenge. FSI had multiple requirements, including a solution that would save employees significant amounts time. Fastening Solutions, Inc. is a strong believer in innovation, and they began looking for solutions to manage their NetSuite data more efficiently, reduce manual tasks and automate internal processes. They were concerned about picking a product that would require extensive setup and training—interrupting their day-to-day operations. Also, they had many different automation projects that they were in discussions about, and they wondered how responsive CloudExtend’s Support Team would be in coaching them through different use cases.

I can’t even imagine editing and managing our NetSuite data without using a CloudExtend Excel App. In addition to the CloudExtend Excel products, the CloudExtend team has exceeded my expectations about customer service. If I have questions, I get a response from a friendly knowledgeable customer service rep in less than 30 minutes, and it matters a great deal to me.

Ray Burns
Director of Business Solutions, Fastening Solutions, Inc.

The Solution

From accounting to inventory management, FSI, Inc. is a fan of CloudExtend Excel Integration Apps. They are comfortable using Excel to edit and update inventory, bank records and automate tasks that shave hours off of each day. FSI employees conserved approximately 11,440 Hours yearly with CloudExtend Excel Integration Apps. They started with CloudExtend Excel Data Management, but have since implemented CloudExtend Excel Analytics They’ve also managed to use CloudExtend Excel Integration Apps to automate additional processes including matching parts in NetSuite. Any time they have a question or need coaching, they’ve found the CloudExtend Support Team to be extraordinarily responsive and helpful.

The Bottom Line

FSI puts customers’ needs first, so they are always looking for ways to innovate with technology and improve the accuracy of their data. They’ve used CloudExtend Excel Integration Apps for accounting, inventory, saved searches, reporting, and more. They don’t have to see another CSV error, which was music to their ears. They’ve been able to automate in ways they couldn’t have imagined before and in the process, increased the accuracy of their data and shaved off some hours that employees were spending on manual clerical tasks.

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