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Success Story


Feeney Slashes Sales Quote Time by 60% And Increased the Accuracy of their Data with CloudExtend Excel Data Management


Oakland, CA

Products Used:
CloudExtend Excel Data Management for NetSuite

We have highly-customizable product verticals and before CloudExtend, our quote process was manual and time-consuming. As quote demand increased, CloudExtend increased our capacity and more than doubled the number of quotes that we could get out which equates to massive time savings for us.
Brad Adsit
Director of Product Development, Feeney, Inc.


Feeney, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high-quality stainless steel and aluminum architectural products and cable railing assemblies. Since 1948, the Oakland, California-based company has been committed to building innovative, high-quality, easy-to-use products for residential and commercial architects, construction professionals, and DIY homeowners. Feeney is proud of its heritage, rich in innovation and quality craftsmanship.


Customer-centric Feeney, offers stylish products for any indoor or outdoor space. Their product line includes CableRail, Railing Systems, Feeney Awnings, and Architectural Rods. Because they are such a big name in the industry, they knew that they needed to offer the most innovative and customizable product lines, in addition to traditional rigging services, fabrication, and hardware.

The Challenge

With so many product offerings being highly-customizable, sales quotes and opportunity updates within the NetSuite via browser became cumbersome. There were so many dependencies that required revisions based on options. Being an agile and efficient company is part of why Feeney has been so successful for the past 75 years and why they’ve expanded their business to locations in California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and Oregon. They began evaluating potential solutions to keep up with customer demand for sales quotes based on custom features. One of their main prerequisites for a solution was leveraging the power of their Excel based sales tools to update NetSuite records.

Our NetSuite Administrator simply installs the CloudExtend Excel Data Management App into Excel for each user, and they are trained on how to use our proprietary calculator tool. CloudExtend has worked out so well for us, we’ve explored additional ways we can automate processes.

Brad Adsit
Director of Product Development, Feeney, Inc.

The Solution

Feeney uses the saved searches functionality to import their opportunities and quote records into CloudExtend Excel Data Management for NetSuite and update records in the Excel native environment. Most employees felt very comfortable using Excel and its created accountability in the process of updating records. While implementing CloudExtend Excel Data Management, Feeney also reduced human errors made during the manual revision of NetSuite records and increased the accuracy of their data.

The Bottom Line

When Feeney chose CloudExtend Excel Data Management for NetSuite, they were able to implement and use the product immediately. There was no downtime needed for training. They continue to be able to stick to one of their main core values: providing high-quality stylish products for any indoor or outdoor space. CloudExtend Excel Data Management for NetSuite enables customers to use powerful native Excel functionality to create new records and update existing NetSuite data directly from within Excel. Advanced features from CloudExtend include ‘Burst Mode Upload,’ which allows users to quickly update thousands of NetSuite records at once. CloudExtend installs from the Microsoft Office store in seconds. Access is secure and controlled by NetSuite permissions.

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