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Floorex Saved 20 Hours Weekly, Half of a Full-Time Employee’s Workload, by Implementing ExtendSync Outlook for NetSuite

Floor Coating


Products Used:
ExtendSync for Outlook | CRM: NetSuite

We saved over 20 hours weekly with ExtendSync, and now everything is so much easier. Records are easier to keep updated because, in just a few clicks, the entire conversation with attachments is synced to the appropriate NetSuite records. It’s been game-changing for us!


Tony Reynolds
Co-Owner, Director of Purchasing & IT, Floorex


Floorex Products is a family-focused business that grew from its involvement in the specialized coatings and surface preparation industry. Shotblasters and Diamond Grinders were Floorex’s prime focus with the PrepMaster and Satellite Diamond Grinders being developed early in 1999, and today they’re the industry benchmark machines that can to used in preparation for specialized coatings, floor coverings and for polishing Concrete, Marble, Granite, & Terrazzo. Many of Floorex’s machines are manufactured in Australia and have gained “Made In Australia” certification.


Floorex was formerly part of Blastone. Blastone specialized in steel preparation and concrete floor preparation. Haydn Reynolds, Tony Reynolds’ father and an employee of Blastone, was tasked with expanding the floor preparation division. After developing the division to a sustainable level, he was given the opportunity to acquire the division in 2000. After the acquisition, the company became Floorex. With the mission to build the family business up, everyone pitched in, and it became the thriving business that it is today. Floorex is located about four hours from Melbourne, Australia. Their goal was to become an Australian nationwide supplier of concrete preparation equipment.

The Challenge

Floorex struggled with getting important information across different departments into the NetSuite CRM. They were concerned that communication silos would be created if they continued their current processes and that eventually the customer experience could be impacted. They began their journey to 360-degree visibility into email communications by trying to save all of their communications to an onsite server. This wasn’t a practical solution, because their goal was to become grow into a nationwide organization. They couldn’t implement a solution that would require customer-facing teams to come to a rural location to have better customer insight. As an innovative company, they started exploring cloud solutions and decided to purchase Office 365 and NetSuite. Originally, they started using the native Outlook tool within NetSuite, but soon after, the tool was phased out. Floorex recognized that they needed a solution that would make creating, editing, and updating records within Outlook extremely user-friendly to incentivize their customer-facing employees.

I’m so happy with ExtendSync. It’s freed up my time to run my business, instead of doing regular IT maintenance. The amount of time (money) spent on manually recording emails and/or fixing old software far outweighs the small cost of having this app available to every employee.

Tony Reynolds
Co-Owner, Director of Purchasing & IT, Floorex

The Solution

After NetSuite referred Floorex to CloudExtend, they watched an ExtendSync demo, and they were sold. There would be no disruption to business or exhaustive training. It’s easy to implement and use regularly. Since Tony Reynolds is responsible for the IT division of Floorex, he was able to free up more of his time to run his business. The IT team was relieved of having to fix a plethora of problems, and the advantages were speed, simplicity, and ease of use. CloudExtend’s world-class support and training teams are readily available to help coach ExtendSync customers. The worry of missing opportunities based on not having visibility into important customer communications was dissolved.

The Bottom Line

ExtendSync makes updating, creating, and editing records simple and improves customer experiences. Customer-facing employees are more prepared and transparency gives business owners and executive teams 360-degree visibility into their customer journey. Having more transparency leads to making more data-driven decisions that make sense for both global and local companies. Customer-facing employees can spend their time driving business and establishing better relationships instead of on manual data entry and copying/pasting tasks. Implementing ExtendSync doesn’t disrupt the business. It only takes minutes, and with little to no training, companies receive an immediate return on their investment.

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