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Success Story

ILC Dover

ILC Dover Leverages CloudExtend Excel to Speed Up Salesforce Data Cleansing & Updating


Frederica, DE

Products Used:
CloudExtend Excel for Salesforce

For the data cleansing that I have done, using CloudExtend has reduced it to a quarter of the time it would have taken with the Data Loader, which is a very manual process with many steps.
Arthur Thorne
Salesforce Administrator, ILC Dover


ILC Dover is an engineering and manufacturing company that specializes in creating high-performance flexible materials, such as personal protective equipment to safeguard from hazardous conditions. Recognized globally for flexible containment solutions, ILC Dover serves customers in a diverse range of industries, including pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing, personal care, food and beverage, chemical, aerospace, healthcare and government agencies.

Founded in 1947, the company is best known for making NASA space suits worn by astronauts in the Apollo program, including Neil Armstrong during the first moonwalk.


The company has been using Salesforce for the past 12 years, and just recently hired a Salesforce certified administrator to help data cleanse and oversee the user base of about 85 in the company. Within Salesforce, the company primarily uses Sales Cloud, Pardot, and CPQ.

The Challenge

Prior to using CloudExtend, the team would rely on Salesforce Data Loader to bulk import and export data — however the interface was clunky and the process was slow and manual. For example, they had to run a report with IDs for the records, export to a CSV file, add the new owner IDs, and save the file onto the computer. After all of that, they utilized Data Loader to map the fields to create reports. This would take approximately 15-20 minutes each time.

Another major challenge was that the organization was in dire need of a data cleanse. Because Salesforce had evolved so much over the years, and the company has had the system for so long with so many admins over the years, there was a lot of data that was corrupted, duplicated, incomplete, or mislabeled.

For those who are not as tech savvy, being able to update and manipulate data in Excel is a big plus. If I found out about CloudExtend at my last organization, they definitely would’ve wanted to utilize it.

Arthur Thorne
Salesforce Administrator, ILC Dover

The Solution

The newly hired Salesforce admin selected CloudExtend primarily for its low price point with an intuitive interface since many existing users at the company were not tech-savvy. Many long time employees at the company were used to working directly in Excel, so finding a tool in which they could manipulate and update the data directly in Excel was a big bonus.

With CloudExtend Excel for Salesforce, ILC Dover is able to perform mass-update tasks to standardize various formats of data — such as updating the record owners and addresses for accounts, contacts, leads, and opportunities. Another example is that they are able to quickly update a discount schedule that is required to be updated every year. They are able to take the 2020 version, download it, and remove the ID. By using CloudExtend, ILC Dover is able to quickly update the data to a newer 2021 version.

CloudExtend has also played a key role in the data cleansing efforts for the organization. Using Data Loader was a very manual, time-consuming process of updating and manipulating Salesforce data. With CloudExtend, ILC Dover was able to approximately reduce the time spent by a quarter of the time versus using Data Loader.

The Bottom Line

With CloudExtend, ILC Dover was able to work faster and more efficiently by leveraging the power and familiarity of Excel for Salesforce reporting and data management. The company plans on purchasing additional licenses to give Salesforce power users the ability to manipulate data directly in Excel and minimize any manual processes.

Although ILC Dover has only been using CloudExtend for just several months, they can already see the difference in saving time and potentially eliminating errors. For an organization that has seen an increased demand for manufacturing personal protective equipment in the midst of a global pandemic, time is more important than ever.

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