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MacKenzie-Childs Uses CloudExtend Excel Integration to Save 1,000 Hours/Year

Home Decor

New York, USA

Products Used:
CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite

CloudExtend makes it so we’re not wasting 20 hours a week copying and pasting, and instead we’ve freed up to 1,000 hours a year for new analysis and driving the business forward.

Liz Rozwood, Chief of Staff, MacKenzie-Childs
Liz Rozwood


Based in upstate New York, home decor pioneer brand MacKenzie-Childs creates some of the most sought after unique and joyful handmade pieces. The designer brand focuses on expressing artistic freedom, invoking joy, and infusing every corner of the home with originality. Their pieces are crafted worldwide, both in house and at manufacturers across more than a dozen countries.


MacKenzie-Childs operates a sizable product catalog, adding 1200+ new product SKUs per year across kitchen, seasonal decor, furniture, lighting, and more. To manage this broad catalog as well as multiple manufacturers, the organization decided to consolidate from using two separate ERPs and implemented NetSuite ERP in 2019.

The Challenges

Managing omnichannel sales across catalog, ecommerce, home shopping channels, major department store retailers, third party resellers, and their own international flagship and independent retail stores, MacKenzie-Childs needed to consolidate reporting and transform its decision-making process with data driven insights. Liz Rozwood, Chief of Staff for MacKenzie-Childs, helped spearhead this transformation through the implementation of NetSuite, but quickly realized that their reporting needs were more complex than NetSuite’s native tools could manage. This resulted in an intensely manual process using Excel templates that took up 20 hours per weeks and, for the success of the company, was ultimately unsustainable.

One of the reasons we chose to embark on a new ERP journey was to have one place for all of our data, one source of truth, and Liz’s work with CloudExtend has made that data more accessible, understandable, and readily available to make the important decisions that our team needs to be successful.

John Ling, CEO, MacKenzie-Childs

The Solution

In 2021, two years after first going live on NetSuite and creating their manual Excel-based reporting repository, Liz facilitated MacKenzie-Childs adding CloudExtend to their NetSuite ERP, and reporting has never been the same. With the help of four power users and 25+ published reports, Liz and the team at MacKenzie-Childs have clearer insight than ever before on sales, inventory, order tracking, and analytics.

The Bottom Line

Using CloudExtend, the team is now able to have hourly data seamlessly integrated into Excel, effortlessly see and adjust on goals year over year, provide sales teams with comprehensive item availability data, run detailed analytics, dissect oversized saved searches, and leverage PowerBI to reassemble fragmented data, create dashboards, and embed those dashboards back into NetSuite. These reporting capabilities have eliminated the 20-hour-a-week need for manual reporting, freeing up over 1000 hours per year for other analysis.

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