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Success Story


How Nanit Optimized CloudExtend’s ExtendInsights App to Streamline Internal Finance Team Processes


New York City, NY

Products Used:
ExtendInsights for NetSuite

We’re always looking for ways to streamline processes with the best technology, and the finance team had experience with how cumbersome CSV imports can be. We chose ExtendInsights to streamline transactional activity and journal entries. It saves us about 30 hours a month or about 360 hours a year.


Claudio Espinal
Financial Controller, Nanit


Nanit is headquartered in New York City, New York. They have developed computer vision and machine learning algorithms to help measure human behavior. They use this knowledge and technology to create products that are safer and smarter, for parents and babies everywhere.


Nanit launched in 2016 with the idea that the right technology could make life a little more manageable for new parents. As the founders of the “smartest baby monitor,” they’re always seeking out the most technologically advanced ways to do things. Approximately two years ago, when the company selected NetSuite as an ERP, immediately the finance team started assessing ways that they could work smarter with technology to create the most efficient practices. Very quickly, CSV imports were identified as an opportunity wherein they could shave off many hours in productivity, and become more efficient.

The Challenge

The finance team had some experience with importing CSV files. Not only is importing time-consuming and involves many steps, but there are also several errors that you could get in the process. Every person who has imported data has run into import errors, and it doesn’t matter how experienced you are, data can be messy and so imports don’t always import flawlessly.  The finance team manages the preparation of balance sheets, financial statements, cash-flow reports, day-to-day record keeping, and reporting, including all payroll, accounts payable, and receivable.  Their reporting and data help executives make crucial decisions about the company’s future.

Customer support for ExtendInsights is very quick to respond and provides thorough instructions on how to address any issues. They offer easy-to-understand self-help articles and have trained my team and any new hires on how to use the app.

Claudio Espinal
Financial Controller, Nanit

The Solution

With little to no room for error and knowing thatimports don’t always import flawlessly, the Nanit Finance Team decided to try ExtendInsights almost immediately after Nanit implemented NetSuite. They hoped that they could increase productivity and efficiency. They found ExtendInsights to be easy-to-use and any questions that they had were quickly resolved. Even for new hires, the CloudExtend team offered training.  The team was able to shave off painful hours of CSV imports, and the accuracy of their data improved drastically. Not only that, but there was accountability after permissions were set. This was the most efficient way to handle editing records in NetSuite.

The Bottom Line

As a technology-forward company, Nanit quickly identified ExtendInsights as an asset in streamlining the process of updating NetSuite records.  Knowing that technology can save a lot of time and increase productivity, there’s not a good reason not to implement the very best products to help you achieve your desired goals. CSV imports have never been a reliable way to manage or update records. Immediately after completing a trial offer, Nanit decided to use ExtendInsights permanently and signed up. They use the support site, self-help blogs and contact the support team any time they have a product question. They found the CloudExtend staff to be courteous and helpful.

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