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Success Story

Presco Hire

Presco Hire Saves 520 Hours a Year with ExtendSync’s Autopilot and Attaching Emails to NetSuite Records with One Click

Equipment Hire

New Zealand

Products Used:
ExtendSync for Outlook | CRM:  NetSuite

The ExtendSync Autopilot feature is really great. It was very easy to use, one click of one button, and it keeps relaying information to NetSuite. It’s really smooth functionality and we save about 520 hours a year with it.


Kirsty Prestidge
Key Accounts Manager, Presco Hire


Presco Hire provides a range of quality access and equipment hire to the building and construction, industrial, commercial, and dairy industries. They’re based in Taranaki, New Zealand. Whatever job you need to do, Presco Hire has the right equipment to get the job done. They specialize in providing reliable access equipment like scissor lifts, knuckle booms, cherry pickers, and scaffolding, as well as a wide range of gear to get the job done.


For over 30 years, Presco Hire has been well-known in New Zealand’s construction industry for its partnership, communication, reliability, and expertise. They’ve figured out how to manage projects by being as seamless and straightforward as possible. They provide the best equipment in the industry to get the job done. They also allow their customers to have a single form of contact and make the logistics of managing multiple constructions easier and more efficient. Being efficient and organized has allowed them to become extremely well-known in the industry.

The Challenge

Presco Hire was referred to CloudExtend by NetSuite when the native email product was discontinued. As the native product was phased out, they looked for a smooth functioning product with more automation than they had before. As an innovative company with excellent customer service, they’re always looking for ways to improve their customer’s experiences. They wanted to make sure that the product they chose was more innovative, easy to use, and would not require a significant amount of training or downtime in implementation.

My favorite thing is just how quickly this app finds the contact that you’re looking for. It saves all the backwards and forwards and keeps your inbox clean. The app also runs very smoothly. I’m so happy with ExtendSync for Netsuite users. It’s so intuitive and easy to use.

Kirsty Prestidge
Key Accounts Manager, Presco Hire

The Solution

As soon as Presco Hire implemented ExtendSync, they were able to cut back on calls and incessant emails between team members. Before, they would manually inform teams and the rest of the company about customer communications. ExtendSync eliminates communication silos and creates “better customer experiences.” One-click updating to NetSuite records and Autopilot makes employees more inclined to save emails to records. Employees who aren’t extremely tech-savvy are more inclined to attach emails with just one click, rather than copy and paste emails manually.

The Bottom Line

CloudExtend’s innovative features and functionality can help any Netsuite user have better customer experiences by making customer-facing employees better equipped with their customers’ pain points and needs, and save time and resources. CloudExtend products are designed to provide immediate ROI and require little to no training. NetSuite Users get everything they need from NetSuite right in their inbox and get 360-degree visibility into their customer’s journey.

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