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Success Story


Sentrilock Increased Efficiency by 45% and Improved the Accuracy of Their Data with CloudExtend Outlook


Cincinnati, OH

Products Used:
CloudExtend Outlook for Netsuite

I couldn’t imagine the thought of copying and pasting emails into NetSuite from Outlook. With CloudExtend Outlook, we increased our efficiency by over 45%, while improving the accuracy of our records. CloudExtend has exceeded our expectations!
James Reynolds
Sr. Regional Sales Director, Sentrilock


SentriLock is the industry leader in lockboxes and real estate management solutions. They offer secure, convenient, and automated access management solutions. Their ongoing commitment to the environment extends to its solutions bringing more efficient access to buildings and property. The reductions in travel facilitated by SentriLock’s products and services brings greater efficiency to businesses and lower carbon emissions into the atmosphere, in some cases reducing travel by 50%.


SentriLock was founded in 2002 on three key attributes that continue to guide the company’s phenomenal growth: stability, superior technology, and exceptional customer service. From the perspective of the physical product, significant design efforts have been placed on product longevity, repairability, and recyclability. Their latest generation products have been produced to allow disassembly to recover components or sorting by material type for recyclability. Materials used are naturally corrosion resistant to extend their operating life as well as fabricated from materials that can be disposed of without increased risk of groundwater contamination.

The Challenge

As a customer-first company, Sentrilock understands the importance of giving all customer-facing teams access to the most recent email communications and attachments within NetSuite. This process improves the quality of customer experiences and gives the executive team 360-degree access to customer journeys. Knowing that customer-facing teams needed to focus directly on customers, instead of copying and pasting emails, the executive team started to explore options.  When NetSuite stopped supporting their free Outlook integration, Sentrilock began looking for a solution. Before NetSuite discontinued its native Outlook product, it became increasingly unstable and slow. Sentrilock was referred to CloudExtend by Netsuite. Immediately upon meeting with the CloudExtend team, and watching a product demo, Sentrilock signed up. They participated in the beta launch and provided valuable feedback on what features were integral including speed, stability, mobile functionality, and an intuitive user experience. Ease-of-use was critical to product adoption at Sentrilock because the sales team didn’t want an option that would require many steps, and interfere with time spent actually selling to customers and meeting their quota.

Thank goodness for CloudExtend products. They’ve been such a wonderful company to deal with, and the support team is top-notch. The accuracy of NetSuite records has improved drastically, and that’s always been one of our goals is to keep better NetSuite Records.

James Reynolds
Sr. Regional Sales Director, Sentrilock

The Solution

Sentrilock was referred to CloudExtend by NetSuite, and was part of CloudExtend’s beta-launch for Outlook. They offered feedback on how to make CloudExtend products better. The factors in choosing CloudExtend included: customer service, easy implementation, speed, and immediate ROI. As a company that has a mission to provide superior customer service, its staff has been impressed with CloudExtend’s customer support staff. They were up and running in minutes, and all of their customer-facing teams had the most recent records and attachments necessary to have excellent customer experiences.

The Bottom Line

Implementation is easy because CloudExtend Outlook installs in seconds from Microsoft AppSource. CloudExtend products are available for Mac or PC and allow users to work from anywhere. As a beta-tester of CloudExtend Outlook, Sentrilock couldn’t be happier with the CloudExtend Outlook integration app for NetSuite. CloudExtend Outlook requires little to no training and doesn’t disrupt productivity. James Reynolds noted how CloudExtend Outlook is constantly getting even faster, and how releasing new features like Autopilot has made a very big difference in product functionality. “We couldn’t help but notice the speed keeps getting faster all the time, and I’m a big fan of Cloudextend’s Customer Support Team.”

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