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Live Webinar

Take the Stress Out of Month-End Close

Month- and quarter-end close are crucial pieces of the financial reporting process, with significant deadlines and requirements that can leave finance teams sweating. With month-end close taking an average of eight days to complete (and quarter-end even longer), do you ever wonder if there’s a better, faster, and less stressful way to get it all done?

There is, and our NetSuite experts are here to show you how Excel integration with NetSuite can reduce the heavier-than-normal workload that month-, quarter-, and eventually year-end close reporting can become for your finance team.

Find out how Excel integrations can empower NetSuite as your single source of truth for all reporting by:

  • Centralizing data into one workable place for accurate and up-to-date reporting
  • Working with journal entries directly in Excel and upserting without the need for NetSuite CSV uploads
  • Running quick and easy inventory adjustments to NetSuite using an Excel template
  • Bulk uploading vendor bills and credit card statement transactions with instant data validation


Justine Burdo

Head of Sales and Customer Success


Kevin Ha

Solutions Consultant