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The Finance Leader’s Guide to Taking Vacation During Month-End Close

No matter if you’re looking at taking time off for summer break or the holidays, it’s not only exciting but important for employees to take vacation. Yet for finance leaders, the thought of not being at work—even for something as beneficial as vacation—may feel nearly as stressful as not taking a vacation at all.

A vacation-less schedule may also increase stress, blood pressure, and cortisol levels, increasing inflammation and decreasing immunity. Yet only 28 percent of Americans typically plan to use all of their vacation days. Even with those hard-to-face statistics, it can still be difficult as a finance leader to feel you are able to get away and leave your team for a week, or even a few days—especially around the critical month-end close period. However, it is possible if you have the right people, processes, and tools in place.

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  • Why month-end close is so crucial
  • Keys to a successful month-end close
  • The importance of data management in the close process
  • The critical resources you need to create a regularly successful and repeatable month-end close process

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