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CloudExtend Ebook

Understanding and Overcoming the Barriers to CRM Adoption

Plenty of statistics prove that having customer relationship management (CRM) software is good for a business. Yet businesses struggle to gain full user adoption of this helpful technology. In fact, less than half of sales professionals report utilizing their CRM system on a daily basis. 


Why are organizations struggling to achieve adequate adoption of their CRM investment? Evidence shows that personnel tend to be the biggest hindrance to implementing and using a new CRM tool. This means that organizations looking to implement or improve the use of a CRM should start with identifying and understanding how different users react to a change in technology.


Download this free ebook to learn more about:

  • Understanding the technology adoption curve and how to identify different adoption groups
  • Five phases of adoption that every group processes while learning new technology
  • How to remove the barriers for each group and help motivate your teams toward full CRM adoption

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