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Success Story

Zen Energy Systems

Zen Energy Systems Powered Up With CloudExtend Google Workspace to Increase Efficiency by 20%

Solar Energy

New Zealand

Products Used:
CloudExtend Google Workspace for Netsuite

With CloudExtend Google Workspace, our sales reps have started to load up conversations from Gmail to NetSuite. It gives us a better view of the customer journey, and everything is more tidy and organized… CloudExtend is a must have.
Sam Chen
IT System Administrator, Zen Energy Systems


Founded in 1947, the company began as a commercial refrigeration,
mechanical services, and solar water heating business. In 2014, Zen
Energy Systems formed a separate business as a solar energy company
that designs and arranges solar installation for commercial and
residential properties. Based in Auckland, New Zealand, the company now
has installed more than 1,000 solar projects and prides itself as a family-owned operation.


Having worked at Zen Energy Systems for more than 6 years, the IT
systems administrator’s primary responsibility is system maintenance in
NetSuite for the sales and marketing teams. The company relies heavily
on NetSuite for their day-to-day operations, and one of his goals is to
find new ways to automate and streamline processes for those
two departments.

The Challenge

Zen Energy Systems had an abundance of email communication coming
from the sales team that was easily lost and not tracked. The sales
representatives would forget to keep records, and there was a lot of
time spent attempting to track down records to recover important client
information. There would be numerous searches and manual processes
like copying and pasting, wasting valuable time that could be spent on
more important priorities.

With the increase in sales volume and employee workforce, the IT team
needed a way to streamline and organize the vast number of emails for
visibility within NetSuite. Many newly hired sales representatives did not
have enough knowledge of NetSuite to use the CRM, thus many records
were not properly saved.

CloudExtend’s ease of use sold me. It just makes everything easy and I don’t have to do a lot of setup. When I use CloudExtend, I can use the same functionality as NetSuite straight from my Gmail… It really is the easiest way to convince sales to save important communication.

Sam Chen
IT System Administrator, Zen Energy Systems

The Solution

When searching for a solution to integrate Gmail and NetSuite, Zen
Energy Systems discovered CloudExtend Google Workspace through
NetSuite’s app marketplace, SuiteApp. After comparing several other
competitors, the company decided on CloudExtend based on its
functionality, ease of use, and little to no requirement for set up
and training.

The sales team quickly started tracking and moving important email
conversations from Gmail into NetSuite, and within a short time began
to see a more holistic view of their customers’ journeys. With CloudExtend,
the sales team moved all of their communications from Gmail to
NetSuite, and every process of finding important information became
more organized.

The Bottom Line

By using CloudExtend Google Workspace for NetSuite, Zen Energy
Systems is able to have a clear picture of their overall communications
within the CRM without the need to waste time on manual searches for
lost important information. According to the IT system administrator,
productivity, efficiency, and organization improved by 20% after
implementing the integration app. With the help of CloudExtend, Zen
Energy Systems now has an even sunnier outlook on its bright future.

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