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This post is based on real life events here at CloudExtend.

Balancing work and family responsibilities is no easy task. There are events that happen every day that impact our schedules, and it is a constant balancing act to manage blocks of time in the most efficient way possible. Then there are also significant life-changing events that occur, like welcoming a newborn baby into the world.

Our sales executive, Zachary, was expecting this very life-changing event to occur in a few weeks. But as fate would have it, he was about to receive an early gift. He went on paternity leave early, which was unexpected, and had to pause all of his work with potential customer deals. His sales manager, Justine, was planning on handling all his customer deals while he was away, but due to the little one coming early, they never had a chance to sit down and discuss where in the pipeline each deal stood.

ExtendSync Knocks Down Communication Silos

Luckily for him and his sales manager, they use ExtendSync with Outlook to save important communications into NetSuite. Zachary was adamant about getting important emails, events, and files into NetSuite associated with his opportunity and lead records using ExtendSync, so when he left on paternity unexpectedly, Justine jumped in and was able to pick up right where he left off. She was able to see all of this information in NetSuite quickly and continue working on the customer deals.

If the sales executive had not saved those emails, events, and files into NetSuite, it would have been chaotic. The sales manager would have to scramble to figure out where each of these deals were, waste time digging for information, and not to mention, look really, really bad to the customer. What would she do? Reach out to each customer and ask them what the next steps were? Definitely not necessary with ExtendSync.

ExtendSync Shines Visibility Across the Sales Organization

A typical sales cycle can be a long process, from prospecting, making contact, qualifying, nurturing, reference requests, and more. Along the way, there are countless emails and sales teams need to track communications that are the most important. With all of the steps involved, getting information to NetSuite for visibility across the sales organization is critical.

When a user attaches a single email to one or more NetSuite records using ExtendSync Autopilot, all subsequent back-and-forth replies to that same email will automatically attach to those NetSuite records without requiring human intervention. This enables users to ease their minds and spend their important time that they would previously spend on attaching emails one-by-one on far more critical tasks.

With ExtendSync, once your thread is on Autopilot it doesn’t matter when your reply is received or what device you reply from, e.g., phone, tablet, web browser—all emails will automatically sync back to the same NetSuite record ensuring that you and your co-workers have access to it in the right place and at the right time.

With Autopilot 2.0, it can now be contact-based. In addition to tracking an email thread, you can now put a particular sender or recipient email address on Autopilot. When you receive an email, you will now be able to monitor all future communications to or from a specific email address and have that email attached to just the right record type in NetSuite with zero clicks.

Presco Hire Saves 520 Hours a Year with ExtendSync’s Autopilot Feature

“The ExtendSync Autopilot feature is really great. It was very easy to use, one click of a button, and it relays information to NetSuite . . . My favorite thing is just how quickly this app finds the contact that you’re looking for. It saves all the backward and and forward, and keeps your inbox clean. I’m so happy with ExtendSync.”

–Kirsty Prestidge, Key Accounts Manager

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