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Sneak Peek at the Next Generation of CloudExtend Google Workspace for NetSuite

CloudExtend Google Workspace for Netsuite (formerly known as CloudExtend G Suite for NetSuite) enables true cloud-to-cloud synchronization of your NetSuite with your Gmail, Calendar, and Google Drive. Continue reading to learn more about what’s changing in the CloudExtend Gmail application.

The rationale behind building the next-generation application

CloudExtend has been releasing regular product updates over the years to enhance the user experience. Our recent launch of CloudExtend Excel Analytics for NetSuite has already received rave reviews. Our engineering team is back at the drawing boards working on a grand redesign for our email integration applications. CloudExtend Google Workspace for NetSuite will be the first to be updated. The new version will have a sleeker, faster, and more intuitive user experience with a lot of exciting features.

Let’s dig into a few of them while keeping in mind that as this is an early sneak-peak, these features could be subject to change during the course of development!

Some of the exciting features to look out for:

A brand new login process with native support for two-factor authentication, single sign on, and more.

The necessity to log in to NetSuite two times, once in a separate browser tab and again via the application is a cumbersome step that we will eliminate in the new version.

To accomplish this we are using a new login API made available by NetSuite that allows users to natively take advantage of the login methods their organization has already implemented without any complicated workarounds.

  • Single sign-on (SSO) enables the users to log in once and gain access to all the related application sessions without admin interventions.
  • Two-factor (2FA) authentication strengthens the security of user authentication reducing the possibility of unauthorized access.
  • Token-based authentication is used behind the scenes for all users. When a user first logins in NetSuite will generate a token and secret for the user that is used for subsequent logins (all transparent to the user). As an added benefit, users will no longer be required to connect frequently to keep the connection alive.

With these features, the issues that users encountered due to Chrome updates will go away along with the need to override them with chrome://flags

Shared Email Associations History

Previously, to determine if an email was attached to NetSuite or not, users had to click the history icon at the top of the application. This feature was not directly perceivable hence, not very well known by the users.

With the new version this is presented front and center in the Associated Records tab. The functionality will be delivered in two phases. The first phase enables the user who attached the email to quickly see the NetSuite records that the corresponding email is attached to. The second phase allows any licensed user in the enterprise who was cc’d in the email to visibly see the NetSuite records the email is already attached to.

All-new Global Search: Sleek, powerful, and enriched with visual cues for greater user experience

The add-in already exposes NetSuite’s global search enabling users to search NetSuite records with short codes such as co:%smith to find all contacts whose names contain Smith.
The new user-centric design is more sleek and reduces additional steps that a user would need to perform in the existing add-in.

Ability to flexibly associate email-attachments with NetSuite records

When associating emails with multiple NetSuite records, the existing add-in only allows the users to either select all the email attachments or none. The new functionality will enable users to select only the preferred email attachment(s) to each corresponding NetSuite record.

Stay tuned for more!

We have more exciting features that will ship incrementally after the initial launch of the new application later this year. If you are interested in beta testing the application you can perform either of the following:

WATCH: CloudExtend Email Apps: Customer Success Panel.