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The Ultimate NetSuite Integration Suite for Google Workspace

Top Rated Apps for Integrating NetSuite with Google Workspace

CloudExtend offers a suite of apps that seamlessly integrate NetSuite with Google Workspace and let your users work securely in NetSuite from their favorite productivity tools: Gmail, Calendar, and Google Drive. When working in Google, users can leverage CloudExtend Google Workspace for NetSuite’s capability to increase organizational transparency for important emails and events and save on storage in NetSuite.

Ease of Use

Getting important organizational information from Gmail to NetSuite is significantly easier with CloudExtend. Move beyond the NetSuite UI and get more done, faster.

Install in Seconds

CloudExtend installs directly from Google Chrome Store and implements in minutes

What CloudExtend for Google Workspace Does For You

  • Increase organizational transparency by automating getting important emails, attachments, and events from Gmail into NetSuite
  • Minimize the cost of NetSuite storage by leveraging Google Drive
  • Create reports and dashboards with one or more saved searches simultaneously from Excel
  • Bypass CSV imports by uploading multiple records to NetSuite in Excel with instant data validation
  • Helps address security requirements via leveraging native NetSuite login to respect existing user permissions, SOC1& SOC2, Built for NetSuite, and more

20 + hrs

Saved per week

30% +

Increased Productivity

Thousands of World Class Organizations Rely on CloudExtend


CloudExtend Email Apps

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Starting at $15 per month


  • Attach emails and calendar events to NetSuite records
  • Upload email file attachments to NetSuite
  • View, create, and edit NetSuite Records from your inbox
  • Associate files stored on Google Drive, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint with NetSuite records to reduce storage costs and improve document sharing
  • Eliminate manual clicks by using Autopilot to associate email threads to NetSuite records automatically
  • Available on Mobile

CloudExtend Excel Apps

Try CloudExtend Excel


  • Create, Read, Update, Delete NetSuite Records from Excel
  • Burst Mode Upload for uploading large quantities of data
  • Cloud Storage for Templates
  • Support for NetSuite Saved Searches and Celigo Import Filter
  • Compatible with Excel 2016 and Higher

CloudExtend Email & Excel Apps

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Starting at $115 per month


  • All features from CloudExtend Email Apps
  • All features from CloudExtend Excel Apps
  • Supports Token Based Authentication (TBA) and Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Email, Chat & Phone Support Options
  • Enterprise billing (no credit card required)
  • Works with Mac or Windows
  • Works with Sandbox Accounts and OneWorld Subsidiaries
  • Licenses can be transferred amongst users
  • Admin portal for license management

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