Top Rated Email Integration App for Outlook with NetSuite

CloudExtend gives your organization visibility into important communications and events. Without CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite, your important emails remain invisible to others in your inbox. We offer an easy one-click solution to attach your emails and files to NetSuite records directly from Outlook. Stop wasting time copying and pasting emails today.

With CloudExtend’s NetSuite and Outlook email integration, you can easily view, edit, and create new NetSuite records directly in your Outlook email.

CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite installs in seconds from the Microsoft Office store without requiring heavy lifting from your IT department. Try CloudExtend for free.

What CloudExtend Outlook Does for You

Say Goodbye to Silos

One-click addition of emails to NetSuite records extends your inbox and gives co-workers a holistic view of activity.

Work from Anywhere

Mac user? PC user? Our App works on both and in the cloud when you use Outlook online. CloudExtend also works on iPhone and Android devices.

Quick Updates

Save time by creating, viewing, or editing your NetSuite records directly from within Outlook instead of in NetSuite.

Trusted Security

NetSuite admins can rest easy knowing that roles and permissions are enforced by CloudExtend.

Easy Calendar Sync

Create an event in Outlook and attach it to NetSuite records and easily let yourself and others know when the last meeting occurred.

Try Before You Buy

CloudExtend installs in seconds. Give it a try with no obligation so that you can see for yourself how you will benefit.


Attach an email thread to NetSuite once and Autopilot will ensure that the entire conversation is visible in NetSuite without any user action required. Works while you sleep!

Reduce Storage Costs

Get the best-of-breed benefits of Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint in NetSuite by associating files and folders with NetSuite records, without using NetSuite storage space.

Thousands of World Class Organizations Rely on CloudExtend

The Ken Blanchard Companies
Mind Research
Scandinavian Home Products
Carrier Bid
Also Energy
Star Systems International
JCurve Solutions

“Autopilot has made my life a lot easier. There are a lot of back-and-forth emails that begin with a single thread. CloudExtend eliminates a lot of manual work and saves the company approximately 200 hours per user per year.”

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Tom Barczak
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Reduction in
IT Case Loads



Hours Saved
per user/year


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Learn More about CloudExtend Outlook


Download the CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite datasheet.


Learn CloudExtend Outlook basics and be a pro user in no time.


Watch this video tutorial to get the most value from CloudExtend Outlook.


Learn how CloudExtend Outlook helped MIND Research reduce IT support cases by 50%.

CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite Pricing


per month
  • Attach up to 20 emails per month
  • Attach up to 20 calendar events/month
  • Search and attach to NetSuite records directly from Outlook
  • Token based authentication and SSO
  • Email support


per user/month
  • Attach unlimited emails or events (Autopilot not included)
  • View, edit and create NetSuite records from Outlook
  • Upload file attachments
  • Chat and phone support


  • Admin portal for license management
  • Enterprise billing (no credit card required)
  • Licenses can be transferred amongst users


  • Attach emails on mobile
  • Actionable Messages (approve time and expense reports directly in Outlook)
  • Attach OneDrive for Business and SharePoint files to NetSuite records.
  • Autopilot

Learn more about CloudExtend’s commitment to security and the benefits of
using role-based access control (RBAC) with third-party apps.

CloudExtend Outlook Features by Pricing Plan

Free User Group Enterprise

Limited to 20 in the free and user editions, unlimited in group and enterprise.

Limited to 20
Search NetSuite right from within Outlook and then attach relevant email communications to the records.
CloudExtend offers multiple options to create a more secure verification process.
With CloudExtend you have the flexibility to work in staging or production environments, including support for management of multiple subsidiaries, business units, and legal entities in OneWorld.
24/7 Email support is provided for all editions of CloudExtend Outlook.
The NetSuite Bundle is free from NetSuite and improves search speed by up to 3x. It has achieved Built for Netsuite (BFN) status. It allows for more than 4 records to be configured in a user's auto search. (more details here)

Work right within Outlook to view or make changes to NetSuite data.

Add important file attachments to NetSuite right from within Outlook.

Chat and phone support are available to group and enterprise users.
Billing options beyond credit card payments are available to group and enterprise users.
Easily transfer licenses between different users in group or enterprise editions.
Manage all licenses centrally via the portal in group and enterprise editions.

Use CloudExtend on your mobile device to attach emails to NetSuite records.

With actionable messages, an employee submits an expense or time entry in NetSuite and CloudExtend identifies this event and sends an Actionable Message to their supervisor's Outlook inbox.

Use CloudExtend to attach relevant files from other applications to NetSuite records.

Autopilot enables users to attach an email to one or more NetSuite records and then auto-sync every single back/forth reply attached to those same records, even when they are away from their computer.

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