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Cloudextend Outlook for Netsuite

Everything You Need From NetSuite, in Your Outlook Inbox

The Top Rated Integration App for Outlook and NetSuite

CloudExtend gives your organization visibility into important communications and events. Without CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite, your important emails remain invisible to others in your inbox. We offer an easy one-click solution to attach your emails and files to NetSuite records directly from Outlook. Stop wasting time copying and pasting emails today.

Easy to Use

With CloudExtend’s NetSuite and Outlook email integration, you can easily view, edit, and create new NetSuite records directly in your Outlook email.

Install in Seconds

CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite installs in seconds from the Microsoft Office store without requiring heavy lifting from your IT department. Try CloudExtend for free.

What CloudExtend Outlook Does For You

  • Say goodbye to silos with one-click addition of emails, attachments, and events to NetSuite records
  • Reduce storage costs by leveraging Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint in NetSuite by associating files and folders with NetSuite records
  • Using Autopilot, you can attach an email thread to NetSuite once and ensure that the entire conversation is visible in NetSuite without any user action required
  • Introducing Autopilot v2.0! Autopilot can now be contact-based. In addition to tracking an email thread, you can now put a particular sender or recipient email address on Autopilot
  • When you receive an email, you will now be able to monitor all future communications to or from a specific email address and have that email attached to just the right record type in NetSuite with zero clicks

50% Reduction in IT Case Loads

200 hrs Saved Per User Per Year

Thousands of World Class Organizations Rely on CloudExtend

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CloudExtend Outlook for Netsuite Pricing



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CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite Features





Sync emails, file attachments, and calendar events to NetSuite records

Limited to 20

Supports Token Based Authentication (TBA) and Single Sign-On (SSO)

Works with Sandbox Accounts and OneWorld Subsidiaries

Email Support

NetSuite Bundle for improved performance/advanced features

View, Create and Edit NetSuite Records from Outlook

Upload email file attachments to NetSuite

Chat & Phone Support

Enterprise billing (no credit card required)

Licenses can be transferred amongst users

Admin portal for license management

Works on mobile

Attach OneDrive for Business and SharePoint files to NetSuite records.

Autopilot to automatically attach subsequent emails

Learn more about CloudExtend’s commitment to security and the benefits of using role-based access control (RBAC) with third-party apps.

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